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New Moon in Virgo 9/14 -15/2023

We have a Virgo New Moon on Thursday, September 14. 2023 at 9:40 p.m. EDT. This is the beginning of the harvest season when the days are at even strength and farmers gather their crops and prepare for winter ahead.

Virgo New Moons are all about health, and organization. holistic healing, employment, and any holistic endeavors. and textiles. This energy is all about our perfections, and a desire to get in shape, and start a new "healthy living plan". Virgo energy gives us the drive, and determination to do, and be better. We can begin to progress forward with determination. This Moon is perfect for starting diets, new health regimens, seeking a new job or better employment, organizing, and setting up sacred space for yourself. It's all about healing but this can also make many of us more critical than usual, especially towards ourselves. Remember, no one is perfect.

On the negative, a Virgo New Moon can make many of us more critical than usual, especially those of us with strong Virgo placements. This is a perfect time to reorganize your work or home space, get those check-ups, commit to better health habits, start writing a book, and pay keen attention to details. This is a time to unload, and declutter what no longer serves you, especially with Mercury still in Rx.

Souls born in the Sun sign of Virgo will be perfectionists, critical thinkers, hard workers, and have a gift for keeping things in order like a fine running machine. The downfall is being overly critical of others and yourself. Try to just go with the flow a little more and not overanalyze every little detail.

It will be all Sun. Moon, rising, dragons head/tail in Virgo that will feel this moon the strongest, along with Pisces too. All earth signs will feel this Virgo New Moon the most and will be very magnetic. Wherever Virgo is placed by house and sign, it will motivate you to act in that house and make changes for the better. Enjoy these next few days of Virgo energy because we do move into "Days of Caution" and the beginning of the Plutonic phase on the 17th through the 23rd.

Magickal Folk

Virgo New Moons are the perfect time to clean and cleanse our alters and sacred spaces. Conjure up spell work for the betterment of ourselves, and others. Spell work to aid in addictions and to break bad habits is very blessed now. Also casting for employment, new jobs, better health, and diet all work well under Virgo New Moons. Virgo is ruled by mercurial energy, so spell work for endeavors like writing or publishing is excellent now.

Happy Magick Making!

Happy Birthday, Virgo

This is your Moon, Virgo. The New Moon sits right on your 1st house of self, and soul's purpose in life. These next few weeks the stars shine upon you to make plans, put ideas into action, and get moving with life. These next few weeks will make you very lucky indeed. Good luck Virgo!

The next few weeks many of us will feel like decluttering and doing some cleanup. The Fall season is almost upon us and it is almost like a 2nd spring cleaning for many of us. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be springtime soon as the wheel turns once again.

The Virgo energy will make many of us somewhat critical but very organized. We must use Virgo energy to improve our well-being and organize ourselves, and our working space to improve the flow of energy around us. It wouldn't hurt to have some plants in or around your home or workspace.

Have a safe, happy, and healthy new Virgo Moon.


Astro Strega

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