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New Moon in Virgo Forecast

The New Moon is in Virgo on Aug.30,2019 @ 6:37 a.m EDT. We go into this New Moon with a stelluim of Virgo energy also called "Gates of Maiden". The Sun,Moon,Mercury, and Venus are all in Virgo.Virgo is all about organization,order,sterile environment, health,textiles and service to the word.(employment) This energy is the perfect time to start a diet,exercise, get a check up,have chakra alignments and healing energy,meditation and all homeopathic and holistic medicine will be blessed under these stars. With Mercury in Virgo it will be the perfect time to write that book,publish and blog. Check out this weeks blog all about the planets moving into Virgo here:

Since Virgo does rule the intestines many of us will be pickier than usual in what we consume. Best to stay with a more healthy diet then to eat fattening ,rich foods that might bring on tummy troubles. The signs that will benefit the most from this New Moon will be Virgos, Taurus, and Capricorns and Virgo moons,Dragon heads and Ascendants in Virgo. Where ever you have Virgo placed in your chart, you will feel the need to clean up and unclutter your area. Just don't let Virgo energy make you such a perfectionist that you drive yourself and others crazy.

Magickal Folk: Magic involving employment matters,health,dietary needs, and ones intellect are all favored under this New Moon. Spells to treat ailments of the nervous system and intestines will be good too.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Your work life will improve and so will your health. Make progressive changes now to better diet,exercise and eliminating those bad habits.

Taurus: Your love life improves now, just don't be to critical of them. Creativity is heightened and children will bring you joy.Even news of a pregnancy is possible.

Gemini: Good news in the domestic home front. Buying or selling a home or a move might be in-store.

Cancer: Contact with siblings and communication in general will be positive. Short trips, new studies and new exercise or health programs all are blessed now. Good news coming by mail.

Leo: Major improvements to your finances and the way you make money. Self -esteem improves as well.

Virgo: This energy is right on you and you are meant to shine. Anything you create now,invest in or pursue will have much success. You're WINNING Virgo!

Libra: This energy will help you forget about the past and move forward. Dreams will give way to messages and secrets may come to light. Spiritual studies and deep meditation are favored now building your subconscious.

Scorpio: Get out there and socialize more. New friends are to be made and some dear friends will make some of your wishes a reality.

Sagittarius: Your career is improving now and success is obtainable.Your accomplishments will be recognized now.Learn some new technology.

Capricorn: New studies or a planned trips will bring smiles. you many deal with foreigners more at this time. They will make you very happy.

Aquarius: Investments,legacy's or even inheritance will bring you some much needed money and happiness into your life.

Pisces: You might step into a more committed relationship such as marriage or moving in together. This could also bring a new business partner. Sign contracts now as they are blessed under these stars.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed New Moon in Virgo!

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