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New Moon on Monday in Libra!

The past few weeks have been trying for many.The New Moon moves into Libra on Monday,Oct. 8th @11:47 P.M EDT. This is a pleasant and happy new moon representing balance, harmony,and repairing relationships that are in question. Venus rules this sign and things relating to law,politics,money and love. Venus went retro on Oct. 5th. Read all about that here:

All air signs (Libra,Aquarius and Gemini) will see their social lives pick up and new friends will be made. The next few weeks will be a time to re balance our lives. Oct. 9th Mercury moves into deep and intense Scorpio making conversation take a more darker and deeper approach. This energy will be intense! People born with this celestial placement are natural born investigators (especially paranormal). Anything to do with science, medicine, police force, taxes ,investments and sex.

Two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This new moon falls right in your partnership sector. Serious change is needed. If you don't take action,the stars will.

Taurus: Positive changes at work and your health will improve. Start an exercise program!

Gemini: New ideas and deals are waiting. Love matters will improve now but do not start any new relationships until Venus goes direct 11/16/18.

Cancer: Family matters and decisions within the home are common. Real estate, food and family is on the agenda. Enjoy!

Leo: Happy news ahead. New studies, trips and adventures are possible. Get out there and have fun!

Virgo: Your self- esteem improves and so do your finances. The next two weeks opportunity will knock.

Libra: This new moon shines right on you. This represents new beginnings, fresh starts, and anything under the stars. Your lucky now!

Scorpio: Secrets will be revealed but its best to say nothing right now to keep the peace. Your dreams will become messages. Listen to them!

Sagittarius: Wishes will be granted by dear friends. Love improves and contracts signed now will bring luck.

Capricorn: Your career gets an added boost. Opportunities and commitments will be successful now.

Aquarius: Now is the time for a "get away from it all"trip. If you cant go to a far away land,take a weekend adventure,see the world and nature. Met new and exciting people.

Pisces: Affairs dealing with legacy, taxes, sex and even death are common. People with wealth and power might help you so go out and socialize.

And last but not least we have DAYS OF CAUTION for Oct. 9th -16th, 2018 in Plutonic phase. Once again secrets come to light,police,CIA,FBI,sex and porn industry, Russia news but also deception and lies surface. I think the FBI will make major headlines very soon as October surprise is coming. This energy is also a warning I repeat over and over to my readers. DO NOT go into large crowds, unfamiliar places or on dates with strangers, not only is Scorpio/Pluto energy dangerous but with Venus retrograde it can become violent and deadly. Do check our bank accts. for any sort of fraud as this is a very common occurrence under these stars. Be safe but have fun. Caution is key this week but the moon is new so enjoy yourselves but know your cosmic limitations. Blessings.

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