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New Moon/Solar Eclipse Forecast

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

We have the Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019 in Cancer starting at 12:55 p.m. EST It will be visible in most parts of South America like Chile,Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay just before sunset and in some regions of the Pacific. Solar eclipses are all about what is on the surface, the outer appearance of things, and our souls purpose in life, and where the stars want us to go and succeed. Cancers and Capricorns will feel the energy of this eclipse the most.

The New Moon in Cancer begins at 3:16 p.m. EDT. This is all about food, family and emotions. Get - together, BBQ, Mom's apple pie and the coziness of the family unit. This also rules emotions, and feelings and those with a strong Cancer energy in their chart will feel more sensitive and hurt feelings are common. Don't take things too serious as this will bring our emotional side out where ever its placed in our stars. Emotional and crabby are the key words for this week.

Dramatic changes will be faced with the U.S.A and the world at large. We could see the beginning of war with Iran but I feel that will happen more towards the end of the month rather then the beginning. Major earthquakes and destructive weather will happen under these stars so watch the news.

Magickal Folk: Working magic for things like bettering ones home life and domestic areas, real estate, and hospitality businesses are always favored. Spells to heal ailments of the breasts,stomach and chest area are favored in this energy. And I believe that working Magick in Solar energy is very powerful compared to doing it in Lunar energy eclipses which isn't advised for the novice or beginning practitioner.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: The Solar energy will effect your home,family, and emotions. It is a green light for buying real estate,boosting your finances and making some good money. New beginnings start now!

Taurus: Your communication will improve now, and metal process is more focused. You might even take up a new project or study! Writing a book will be blessed under these stars.

Gemini: Money making potential is there and a steady flow of cash.Ideas will come easy but if you aren't wise with your money there will be a wake up call at the Lunar Eclipse on July 16.

Cancer: The solar energy shines right on you now. Relationships that aren't working will end and better people will come into your life. Doing something new brings more choices in life. Get out there and enjoy this celestial energy.

Leo: The subconscious will be strong and full of energy. We will hear Leo roar. Nothing and no one is going to kill your spirit.Your mental strength will be powerful and so will your dreams. Listen to them!

Virgo: Your social life will pick up and new people, places and friends is very possible now. Your love life might see some drama and endings are possible. The stars have much better to offer you now.

Libra: Your accomplishments and hard work will be recognized now. Career will get an added boost as long as you jump in and go for it. You look good in the public eye

Scorpio: New endeavors, planning trips to far away places,publishing, and writing that book or a new studies will get the juices flowing. Don't self doubt yourself.

Sagittarius: Money will come your way from investments,inheritance or joint finances. Legal issues, and court cases are also common in these stars.Learn your lessons and don't make the same mistakes twice.

Capricorn: Dramatic changes in partnerships,contracts and domestic relations.A major ending and a new beginning is about to happen in these areas. Be strong for the stars have much better to offer you at a later time.

Aquarius: Your well being will improve and health will be the focus. Taking care of what needs to be done to regain that health will be key this month. Decompress and realign your Chakras.

Pisces: A new love will enter your life, possible pregnancy, and children will bring good news. This is a very lucky time for affairs of the heart.

Wishing everyone a blessed New Solar Eclipse Moon. Enjoy the Cancer energy and get out there and spend time with the ones you love, especially mom's.

Stay safe California:

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