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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sag.

This Saturday, December 4, 2021 @ 2:42 a.m. EST. The Solar eclipse will only be visible to India, Australia, South America, South Africa, and Antarctica will be able to see it in its entirety. We have a dual energy of fire with both The Moon (our emotions) and The Sun (outward expression) both in fiery, adventurous, and truth seeking Sagittarius. I always say “where ever you have Sagittarius and Jupiter placed within your own star chart, The Lord of Luck will always be there to bless his children.” This energy will make us feel philosophical, exploring other countries, worlds, and cultures. Some of us discover a new found thirst for knowledge.

Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini, and Libra will feel this Moons energy the most. If you are born with a Dragon head/tail, rising, Moon, or Sun in Sagittarius, endings and beginnings are ahead, Embrace them! Those who have a birthday between Dec.2 – 6 will see progressive changes in the year ahead. Sagittarius has had it pretty rough these past 18 months, and a new day is dawning. It’s about wiping the slate clean, ridding ourselves of negativity, and bringing in love, luck, and abundance. Wherever this energy falls by house and sign, we are ALL going to feel it.

Sagittarius New moon energy brings news dealing with religion, churches, Pope, foreigners and foreign lands. Many of these issues can and will make headlines this month. This also brings about new laws, court justice issues, and laws in general. Immigration and Native matters take center stage this month. The Sagittarius Dragon tail is in its final axis. December will be a very bad month for the world at large. More covid issues, more fear and less truth or facts. New York, Los Angeles, S. America and Australia will bring difficult headlines this month to as Mother Earth decides she has had enough. Remember, Sagittarius falls right on the United States 6th house of health and service as a nation, and people.

The more positive aspect to this energy is that wherever this is placed by house and sign, you will have an added touch of good luck, good fortune, and abundance is some way. Use Jupiter’s powers to harness you own good luck and changes that come with solar eclipses. The next few weeks promise to be enjoyable as well as challenging. It is a green light to invest, gamble, propose (do it before 18th when Venus turns Rx), purchase those holiday gifts, invest in your own education, and now is the perfect time to bring home that forever pet. Sagittarius rules the animal and pet kingdom and pets bought in this phase will bring you many, many years of unconditional love, joy, affection, and happiness.

Magickal Folk: New Moon/Eclipse energy is one of the most powerful in regards to magick. Using the Sun and Moons energies can harness a great many things. Spell work dealing with legal matters, safe travel spells, truth spells and publications work well. Healing rituals for hips, liver, thighs, and lower back are blessed. I also do my protection and health spell work for all of my animals. This is the perfect time to work with animal magick and animal guides.

Happy Magick Making!

The next few weeks will create some very beautiful energy, and I wish all of you a very blessed New Moon/Solar Eclipse. However, December 2021 is one of the warning months I gave well over 18 months ago. After the next Full moon on Dec.18 in Cancer I fear there will be a major crisis in regards to finances, real estate, money, and the stock markets. I see the fault lines coming alive and earth changes are very possible. Sometimes markets take a hit due to natural disasters or global crisis. This is not to scare you but to warn you. The best power we have is knowledge.

We start December off in Plutonic energy and we end December in the same exact energy. Therefore, making the beginning of December, and the end of December, a very deadly scenario. I do not recommend heading into large New Year’s Eve events with massive crowds. Follow the stars and celebrate at home with friends and family or a quite dinner out but the key word here is “STAY OUT OF CROWDS” or pay the price Join my Patreon for a special price of $45 for tier two "Mother" yearly and save $20:


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