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New Moon/Solar eclipse Libra

We have an Annular Solar eclipse and a New Moon in Libra on Saturday, October 14, 2023 at 1:55 p.m. EDT. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, but does not completely cover the sun's disk. The moon covers most of the sun, leaving its outer edge visible as a bright ring or “annulus” around the darkened moon. This is also called the “ring of fire.”

The partial annular eclipse begins at 9:23 a.m. MDT, at its peak at 10:35 a.m. and will last for two minutes, 33 seconds. The path of totality for the October 14, 2023 eclipse can be viewed across the United States from Oregon to Texas. It then goes to Central America, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, and ends in Brazil.

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This New Moon will be in the diplomatic sign of Libra. It will be all about balance and harmony, peace, laws, justice, marriage, love or affairs of the heart, contracts and stronger partnerships. This can also represent new beginnings, fresh starts, and creating a balance between our business and personal affairs.

However, the Universal Dragon tail in the Libra axis is making some of these energies for the world at large, the complete opposite of what it should be. These energies take on quite the opposite effect, unfortunately. Libra is peaceful and diplomatic, compared to her brother Mars. But when it is on its tail it becomes unbalanced, ungrounded, misunderstood, and what was once law and order becomes chaos, disorder, and violations of constitutional rights. It can also signify war. Its best to focus on the personal energy more than the global one.

We must always remember that a Solar eclipse in Libra is gentle, diplomatic and therefore will grace ALL Libras with opportunities, higher spiritual knowledge. and new beginnings. The energies that will prevail are going to be all about the outward appearance, the soul's purpose, and what you want to achieve in this life cycle. And there may be a peacekeeper that prevails in the next few weeks, globally.

Souls born with strong Libra energy will feel this the most. All my Sun, Moon, Ascendants, Dragon head or tail in Libra will feel the energy significantly, and Aries too. This energy can make us a bit indecisive and scattered too. Just stay focused and grounded and enjoy the good vibes all around on a personal level. This is usually one of the most beautiful placements for the stars but with the Dragon tail cruising in Libra, we will see more break ups, divorces. And fighting between people, as the warlike energy is there with the Dragon head in Aries.

Magickal Folk

Libra Solar eclipse/ New Moons are powerful and a potent time to do spell work for many things. They are a perfect time to work on finding that perfect mate. Creating magic for balance and harmony, love spells, and marriage spells too. Many of us will produce excellent mental stimulation, and psychic work will be spot on. I also would do spells for court and justice issues. Healing rituals for ailments of the kidneys and lower back are best done now too.

All my Libras and those with an Ascendant or Dragon head/tail should do personal spell work for themselves. Whether a road opener, personal achievements, confidence or protection; all blessed right now.

Happy Magic Making!

New Moon Forecast by house and sign

This is a Patreon feature but I will always share the correlating sun sign. For the entire zodiac forecast, you can join Patreon for as little as $5 here:


This Solar Eclipse/ New Moon is almost like a second birthday wish for you. This energy is right on you, Libra. This is your 1st house, the outer appearance, and soul's purpose in life. Many Libras will change, both spiritually and physically over the next year as the Dragon's tail sits on your 1st house until January 12, 2025. This is the beginning of something new and exciting. Where fresh starts can be made, and positive outlooks and energies can prevail. The stars are shining on you Libra to make some magic. Make it happen!

In my Full Moon in Aries forecast for Patreon , I stated that "It will be the world at large that will see uprisings, wars, violence, and military presence. Vladamir Putin will make major headlines by the end of October as the dragon will be hunting for him directly these next eighteen months, but especially the months of October, February, and August. These next two weeks have a "war like energy." (posted on September 25, 2023)

And here we are, Israel is at war with Hamas. The fighting broke out right on a Moonic phase. My Patreons had the dates back in April of 2023. here is what was posted

"October 5/6/7 - Moonic Phase - This energy always brings U.S.A. or Great Britain news. It represents the beginnings and endings of portions of our lives, planned and unplanned. This is where family tragedies, forced relocation, and beginnings and endings to wars can happen. Weather can turn deadly, and destructive and natural disasters are common such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and volcanoes, Real Estate matters and moving and relocating are possible. Lots of earth changes and major earthquakes are going to happen this month and negative news with Vladimir Putin.

- Afghan 6.3 earthquakes kill 2,445, as the death toll rises. 10/7

- Another 6.3 earthquake hits Afghanistan on 10/9

- Israel/Hamas War breaks out. With tragedy all around. 10/6

These next few weeks are going to have some ups and downs. The down side is Israel is at war with Hamas and will bring other countries into the situation, including the U.S.A. In war, no one wins, and more and more will die, especially the children. Unfortunately, war is money, as there is no cash value in peace with the sycophants that run this world.

October will be a bad month and we are only half way through it. Putin will make headlines before the month is up. And it can either consist of health issues, assassination attempts, or he may set off WW3 as he has a hunger to strike the west and all NATO nations.

The more positive aspect of this Solar, New Moon eclipse is that Libra is not confrontational, most of the time. This energy is very peace loving and harmonious. I am hoping this energy can sooth the waters in the Middle east. One can only hope and pray.

On a personal level, we will feel the love, calm, and more grounded than with other eclipses. This is the time to make plans, set those intentions, and feel the full force of this Venus infused New Moon/ eclipse.

Wishing you all a blessed New Moon and Solar eclipse.

Astro - Strega

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