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New Moon/Solar Forecast 12-26-19

We have a New Moon in Capricorn on Thursday (Jupiter's Day) at 12:23 a.m. EDT and a partial Solar Eclipse happening at 9:04 a.m. IST, and then moves to maximum eclipse position at 10:47:46 am IST. (IST is Indian Standard Time) Most of us will sleep right thru this event as it will only be visible in India,Arabian Peninsula, Indonesia and South Pacific areas.

Solar Eclipses are all about the outward appearance and personality, and ones own self and physical make-up. Where ever this New Moon eclipse phase hits by house and sign, it will bring about new beginnings, and changes in a positive manner for many. Christmas falls when the Moon is at its darkest phase, making many of us some what less festive,sad, and depressed then past holidays. For all you West Coasters, the New Moon hits on Dec.25 @ 9:23 p.m. Those that are lunar sensitive will feel this energy shift and feel more uplifted,and can sense the change coming for the better and its not just the wine

The Capricorn New Moon is all about beginnings,endings, political changes,government, and lots of progress can be achieved in the next two weeks. With Capricorns driven power to climb the mountain of success anything is possible. Restructure will take place in both personal and business life. All earth signs will feel this energy the most but also souls born with a Sun. Moon,rising or Dragons head/tail in Capricorn. Capricorns will be very lucky at this time. Also check out this weeks weekly forecast here:

Your Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries: Progressive changes are afoot in the realm of the 10th house. Career, accomplishments, and success. If you feel your not on the right path, this energy will steer you in the right direction. Have patience and give things time to flourish.

Taurus: Your 9th house of foreigners, foreign culture,travel,and higher learning all get a boost and many will broaden their knowledge by taking continuing education, traveling, feeling more adventurous, and expanding their horizons.

Gemini: Positive news in the realm of the 8th house. Anything pertaining to legacy, investments,taxes and inheritance are all favored now. This is also the house of intimacy and some Geminis may find themselves getting more involved,committed and into pursing their relationships to the next level.

Cancer: This energy is cruising your 7th house of marriage, business, partnerships and contracts. This could mean a new love opportunity or deeper commitment is ahead. You must eliminate toxic people from your life and focus on what makes you happy. New business partners maybe be on the horizon too.

Leo: This energy will cruise your 6th house of health and employment. Many Leos have had issues in these areas as the Dragon tails axis has been there for the past year. Better health is on the way and new employment opportunities are ahead of you. Stay structured, have a plan and don't stress on your health.

Virgo: Your 5th house of love, romance,children,joy, and creativity gets some much needed TLC. Both Capricorns and Virgos are the worker bee's of the zodiac. Hard work may lead to romantic encounters. The stars want you to have more fun,enjoy life and search out what really brings you joy and happiness.

Libra: This energy is in Libra's 4th house of home,family, and emotions. You will place more attention at this time to domestic matters, family issues and home,relocation, and real estate matters. There are many positive changes ahead for Libra within the realm of home life. Buying and selling a home are very blessed under these stars.

Scorpio: This energy will be cruising your 3rd house of mental process, short trips, communication, transportation, friends, and siblings. You will gain more clarity at this time,and brothers, sisters and family will be in touch. Your phone line will be busy and communication will be great. This is the perfect time for writing or publishing that book you've always dreamed of writing. Write it, the stars shine on you.

Sagittarius: Sag has had it good this past year with Jupiter stationed on them. It gets even better now that Capricorn moves into your 2nd house of wealth,finances,possessions and self esteem. Making money is your game and new adventours will be prosperous. Careful financial planning is advised but all in all this will be the year you make money.

Capricorn: Happy Birthday Capricorn! This energy is right on you. A new phase,a new beginning or cycle is about to start in your life. Many will alter their appearance this year both inner and outer. New opportunities and promotions will be granted as Jupiter has moved in making ALL Capricorns very lucky. Dec. 26, 2019 will be a very lucky day with both Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction the entire month of Dec. along with the partial Solar eclipse/New Moon in Capricorn energy and Jupiter,Pluto, and Saturn all in Capricorn make for a very lucky time toward the end of the year and positive changes through out 2020. Especially when the Dragon tail shifts out of Capricorn on May 5,2020 If its one sign that deserves its dues...ITS CAPRICORN! Check out my newsletter all about Capricorn 2020 here:

Aquarius: This energy will make you turn inward as it moves into your 12 house of secrets, deeper knowledge, spirituality, occult matters, and hidden enemies. Secrets may come to light now,dreams intense but needed for spiritual growth. More mediation, music, and quite time for retrospect are needed. The third eye opens.Enjoy this time of enlightenment.

Pisces: This energy is in your 11th house of social circles,friendships, groups and hopes and wishes. Friend bring you wishes now, especially older ones. Getting involved with community matters and social circles will improve you vision for success in the future.

Wishing everyone a blessed New Moon. Use the power of Capricorn to disciple, structure, plan, and achieve success.

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