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New Moon/Solar Forecast 6/10/21

It is definitely eclipse season. The energies from May 26th lunar eclipse in Sagittarius are still lingering, and we are all waiting in anticipation for the Solar Eclipse, New Moon on June 10,2021 in Gemini. This new moon will eclipse the Sun at 6:53 a.m. ET (5:53 a.m. CT). The east coast will be able to see some of this at sunrise. The Sun is also in conjunction with Gemini or called A Cazimi.

We will all feel this energy by house and sign. Solar eclipses are always about the outward expression, appearance, and souls purpose in life. I always think of the 1st house of the Zodiac and the 12 human experience (our souls purpose). It correlates so well with a solar eclipse on the cosmic spectrum. All air signs will feel this (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini), and mutable signs too (Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini). Those of us that are born with a Sun, Moon, Dragon head/tail, hidden, rising in Gemini will feel this power surge also. I also want to mention that souls with a birthday between June 7 - 13,2021 will have significant changes occur in their lives.

This is no ordinary eclipse. I'm already seeing the negative side of it with major internet issues around the globe reported on NBC on June 8,2021. We are in a Mercury Retro Grade in Gemini, Mercury's governing sign. This is adding to the chaos with internet issues, electronics, miscommunication, misunderstandings, transportation problems and technology issues. This is also messing with our own mental clarity making us feel very scattered, unbalanced, and even confused. Its a mind tease for sure.

Gemini is the "The Lord of communication" and this can be a death and rebirth, hypothetically speaking for many of us. This new moon in Gemini is all about intellectual pursuits, photography, getting started on writing that book, learning a new language, or starting a pod cast. With Mercury Rx there are some things I would steer clear of, even with the moon in her new phase, stick to buying used cars, if at all possible, and this goes for technology too. Refurbished is best. I am having issues myself as your astrologer with my new Starlink internet service, and before I make any rash decisions, I plan on waiting until after this planet goes direct before I make up my own mind on this matter.

Magickal Folks: There are many who choose not to do magick under eclipse energy....and that is ok. Some do, and some don't. However, this Gemini eclipse will be in conjunction to Gemini and with the moon stationed here, money magick is possible. I will be doing a Abundance Bowl using The Rose of Jericho tomorrow afternoon. The Rose of Jericho isn't just for love spells. This is also a good time for rituals to treat ailments of the lungs, respiratory system, arms, hands and fingers. Happy magick making.

Two week Forecast by House and sign:

Aries: Incredible news coming through the mail or phone call. Mental clarity might be scattered due to the Mercury Rx and siblings will be in touch needing advise, comfort and support. Be the warrior we all know you can be, Aries!

Taurus: This eclipse is going to bring very positive news regarding finances and wealth. Business endeavors are on the way and this will improve your self esteem ten fold. You got the Midas touch now Taurus.

Gemini: This Solar eclipse is right on you, along with the Universal Dragons Head in Gemini. You may feel ungrounded at this time but know that the stars are pushing you to achieve greater success in all of your endeavors. These next two weeks are a green light to progress forward.

Cancer: You will be a power house of strength within the subconscious mind. Dreams give messages, and secrets may even come to light at this time. You will receive deep spiritual information via your guides. Your spiritual journey awaits!

Leo: Very positive news is ahead, dear Leo. One of your friends is going to make a wish come true. New friends will be made in this eclipse energy that will last a lifetime. Good times all around!

Virgo: Positive career changes are ahead. You also rule Mercury just like Gemini and if there was ever a time to write, write, write, it is now. you will be seen in a very positive aspect in the public eye. All eyes on you, Virgo!

Libra: There is a touch of luck my dear Libra with this eclipse. Plans made for learning ,travel and study will benefit later on. Positive news from far away lands is possible and so is gambling. Your lucky these next two weeks. Enjoy!

Scorpio: These next few weeks could bring deep spiritual knowledge. This energy is moving into the house you govern...the 8th house. You may hear of a legacy, inheritance , and corporate in joint finance investments may be coming. Its ok my dear Scorpio to work with a partner, just make sure its someone you trust.

Sagittarius: A new partnership is on the horizon. Weather that be in love or business, happy news is ahead. The next few weeks you will find your "Happy Place", enjoy.

Capricorn: Great opportunities are ahead with your business life and service to the world. If there was ever a better time to put those health commitments in place , it is now. Your health will improve and the needed changes will be there to make you a happier, healthier you. Get physical Cappy!

Aquarius: Love is in the air for you Aquarius. Children will bring you joy these next few weeks and a lot of happiness. You're creativity will be off the charts these next few weeks, so make it happen.

Pisces: New plans for a residency change will be common now. You may have to deal with communication with the mother figure and give aid to her now. New wheels may be in order now too. Buy only used and all will be fine.

Wishing everyone a blessed new moon and solar eclipse. Check out my specials on my website all listed below. My prices on my website are far better then my Etsy store. I find Etsy to be a rip off and its a win ,win for both me, and my clients to order directly from my website...I give better deals there too and a few extras.

Blessed be!

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