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Nodal Dragon Shift into Aries/Libra Axis

I call this "The Changing of the Guards," and every eighteen months the Universal Dragon energy shifts. These past 18 months have brought many things to light. Any time you have a Taurus/Scorpio Dragons axis, secrets will get exposed, and even the rich and famous get a wake-up call because no matter how wealthy one is, you can not hide from a Scorpio Dragons tail.

Modern Astrology pays very little attention to these Nodal shifts. Vedic (sidereal), Babylonian, Occidental/ Chinese, Draconian (not practiced as much anymore), and Divine (Nostradamus method) are the only ones that pay any attention to North and South nodes and their housing systems.

In Vedic Astrology, astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. Rahu is responsible for causing the Eclipse of the Sun. (google search)

Nostradamus was able to create astrological predictions by incorporating a few ancient methods of astrology to work very well under the Tropical zodiac. He took Draconian methods which represent the soul’s purpose in life, mixed them with the teachings of the Dragons energy of Chinese astrology, and used the Babylonian, ancient method and power of the Dragon's placement to see into the future of how all these energies will affect mankind by house, signs, and some degrees.

The Taurus/Scorpio Axis of 2022/2023

Let's talk about where this dragon's tail has been in the past 18 months. Scorpio is either the Eagle (positive) or the Lizard (negative). This Dragon tail will represent the lizard's energy and all the negativity it has brought. Scorpio rules, metaphysics, witchcraft, underworld, investigations, investments, morgues, cemeteries, morticians, insurance, police, CIA, FBI, IRS, mafia, sex industry, and dramatic news where death and drama take center stage. The witchcraft community takes a big hit in some way. Lawlessness will arise and the possibility of civil war was not off the table. Deep and hidden secrets are brought to light, so brace yourselves for unsettling news about children, sex trafficking, police disgracefulness and violence, and exposure of politicians, celebrities, and religious figures will all make headlines.

The United States is a Cancer nation and this dragon's tail energy has been sitting on the U.S.A. 5th house of love, children, creativity, and joy. We have seen draconian laws go into effect regarding childbearing (women's rights), abortion, women's health, hormone therapies, new laws enforcing child labor, and illegal labor of children under 17 years of age. And full-on assault on the LGBTQIA community.

The main reason they want to eliminate TikTok is because there is a decline in how many people are viewing mainstream media, and receiving their news from independent news facilities ALL OVER TIKTOK. The days of hiding are over, if you are a public or political figure, you are being watched carefully, under a microscope.

This is where Plutonic souls have feasted as psychic vampires, often with resentful, jealous, and dangerous tactics. Souls have been without any fear of laws, and there is no regard for laws. A natural lust for death and drama has prevailed. Metaphysical powers are used in the wrong manner and used to control, harm, and manipulate others. We have seen the suggestion from the preacher men that Witch hunts should be resurrected and that our LGBTQIA community should be executed. Some sexual diseases that were once thought to be eradicated, resurface and make headlines.

The Dragons head has to be in Taurus/Venus energy. This is a beautiful Venetian and earthy dragon energy where we will put more focus on the things that make us feel beautiful, sexy, and rich. With this Dragon be prepared for earth changes such as volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes and stress on fault lines will be common. Uranus is also in Taurus so those two together will make the earth shake. Taurus rules beauty, banking, finances, money, wealth, and possessions. We will see a change in the banking system and currency issues leading to a new currency are very possible. (CBDC)

People will be into shopping more for vintage goods, precious metals, antiques, and all sorts of new technology in the beauty and aesthetics world will be introduced. Switzerland makes news and countries formed in the month of May make headlines (the death of Tina Turner put Switzerland in the headlines). Even though England is a Capricorn nation well before borders and boundaries existed, the United Kingdom was formed on May 1, 1707, and will make headlines in the next 18 months with significant news.

(The death of Queen Elizabeth 2nd and a New King Charles is crowned)

Many souls have been able to make millions with genius ideas in business, and investing in other people's money. Hard work will bring love and respect to others, and this placement signals where the rich suffer financially, and the poor benefit monetarily. Many of us will get creative and that creativity brings financial freedom and happiness.

This Dragon was directly hunting for all November and May-born souls these past 18 months. We ALL felt this energy but those born with Scorpio or Taurus moon, sun, risings, and natal and hidden dragon placements in Scorpio or Taurus have felt this more than others. I also will say that for the past 18 months, our Plutonic phases have been stronger, deadlier, and more violent than we have ever seen before. Knowing those "Days of Caution" and your own negative and positive days will help get you through a very rough phase coming up for 2022/23.

The Changing of the Guards

The next nodal shift is on July 17/18, 2023, and moves into an Aries/Libra axis. It will stay in this placement for 18 months and moves again on January 12, 2025. The Aries/Libra Dragons' energy will be directly hunting for all Aries, Libras, and those born with a sun, moon, a rising, natal, or hidden dragon in Libra, and Aries will feel this energy the strongest.

Aries is the toddler or warrior of the zodiac and ruler of the 1st house. This placement in its positive will always signify the potential for growth, individuality, assertiveness, courage, and initiation. And let's face it, Aries are known for developing independence, self-confidence, and taking the initiative in their life. This energy encourages individuals and communities to embrace their individuality, pursue their passions, and assert their needs and desires in a healthy and balanced way.

Aries, North Node is all about inventions, new leaders and leadership, the military, and new adventures and discoveries. We will hear about military advancements with weapons, fleets, and stronger armies. This is a war-like energy as Aries is ruled by Mars, “The Lord of War.” This is also where the planet Mars will make major headlines with news both positive and negative. The possibility of an increase in wildfires, explosions, violence, and warfare can be common at this time.

There is also the possibility of many countries becoming very competitive with one another over currency, geo-political issues, semiconductors, and precious metals, and a space race can ensue too. This is where the negative can prevail as Aries is not known for its patience, diplomacy, or grace, and wars, battles, and dog fights can ensue.

Just because the Dragon is riding its head does not mean tragedy and sadness will not occur. Most of the world has no cosmic consciousness and doesn't understand the cosmic energies afoot, and therefore creates tragedy.

The Dragon's tail (south node) will be in Libra creating an energy full of arguments, indecisiveness, chaos, unbalanced energies, and souls that feel they are above the law. Libra is the ruler of the 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and marriage. Think of the Justice card in the Tarot. Libra is a lady Justice and rules the laws, and judicial system.

This is a sign of diplomacy, justice, laws, and compassion. However, when the energies are riding the tail, everything can be quite the opposite. We will see lots of injustices occur, fighting, lack of empathy, lack of strength, no regard for laws, mass manipulation, and deep guilt can prevail for the world at large. Nations such as Germany, Scandinavia, Denmark, and Algeria could make headlines. It will be the Aries and Libra nations that will feel this energy the most.

The months that will have the most impact on the world at large will be August 2023/2024 October/November 2023, March/April 2024, and September/October 2024. We will see an alliance of two nations form, only to be broken and one nation devours the other.

The United States will feel this energy on its 10th house of public presence, accomplishments, achievements, goals, and opportunities. The U.S.A. will be under the public microscope from its people to its political leaders, and especially its military. We as a nation already look like a clown car filled with stupidity and ignorance. And, if we do not behave publicly, this country will get exposed even more for its corruption and an uprising of its citizens is possible.

The Dragon's tail will be in the U.S.A. 4th house of home, family, security, food, mothers, real estate, and housing. This is where wars can break out, revolutions begin, alliances are broken and so are many contracts that were once thought to be solid and binding. This country isn't in a good place financially, or mentally, and democracy is very flawed. The nation is divided, and civil war is imminent all over the world, along with many other countries. Once again I will repeat myself, “This is a war-like energy.”

In an article published by The Conversation it states “ In its global rankings, the United Nations Office of Sustainable Development dropped the U.S. to 41st worldwide, down from its previous ranking of 32nd. Under this methodology – an expansive model of 17 categories, or “goals,” many of them focused on the environment and equity – the U.S. ranks between Cuba and Bulgaria. Both are widely regarded as developing countries.

The general security of a nation will be in the headlines from a major collapse of the banking system, the housing market, mass homelessness, displaced families, and even the beginning of mass hunger due to food inequality. Remember, we humans have the power to change the outcome of these Dragon energies but less than 1% know about these cosmic winds.

Forecast and Predictions for 2023/2024 Aries/Libra Axis

2. All individuals born in April/October and in the Sun signs of Aries/Libra or born with a moon, rising, natal, or hidden Dragon in one of these two signs will feel the dragon's impact.

3. There will be an increase in divorces and breakups. It's a good time to be a divorce attorney.

4. The death or ending of Vladimir Putin and his reign. He could suffer health issues, and self-esteem issues as he loses power over Russia and more civil unrest and civil war prevail. A new day will dawn for Russia in the summer of 2024.

8. The United States has a real - estate and housing crisis but nothing as severe as 2008/2009.

22. SCOTUS will make shocking headlines and some will be removed via assassination, impeachment, and resignation. A great revolt comes from the people in the U.S.A. in regard to the SCOTUS.

All thirty-one predictions are for my Patreons along with the full Dragon Forecast.

Join here:

Forecast for Aries/Libra Axis by house and sign.

Aries - This Aries Dragon is right on the 1st house for all Aries and April-born souls. Many changes are ahead in how you appear, your soul's purpose in life, and what course of direction you will take. This placement gives you all the tools to succeed. The tail will sit on the 7th house of marriage, partnerships, and contracts. Some Aries will be getting divorced, changing business partners and new contracts can be signed. Best of luck Aries.

Libra - The tail in Libra will be sitting right on you, testing your soul's purpose in life, and many Libras after this Dragon has passed may find themselves with a change of plans and new ideas for their future. The Aries Dragons head sits on your 7th house and many Libras could be getting married, finding their life partner, receiving advancements in business and partnerships are all possible. Signing contracts will also be on the agenda. Best of luck Libra.

(Patreon receives the entire zodiac.)

These are your 2023/2024 Aries/ Libra Dragons' axis energy. With an Aries Dragons head, there will be violent and war-like times ahead but also determination and drive to achieve success. By the time this dragon is over in January 2025, we will see less about Democrats and Republicans and more about human injustices and tragedies and a new Russia is ahead too. Exposer comes with the court systems and court justices as the Libra tail rides them directly and lots of change is ahead.

The paradigm shift is here and a full restructure is here within our monetary system, geo-political system, and humanity's general security. It will be about helping one another as a community. Jupiter is in Taurus (wealth, abundance, and opportunities) until May 25, 2024, so use this benefic planet to your advantage as this will help to aid in money, finances, and wealth. I'm hoping that compassion and kindness within our citizens once again prevail after this dragon is done. We have to expect the worst but hope for the best and take it one day at a time.

I'm wishing all of you a very safe and positive transition into this next dragon energy. Be safe and watch the stars as they are a guide to celestial wisdom and even safety.


Astro -Strega!

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