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November 2022 Energy Forecast

November 2022 Energy Forecast

November 1 1st Quarter Moon

November 8 - Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - A death and a rebirth happen with politics, love, and money.

November 16 - Venus enters Sagittarius - Love becomes flirtacious and adventurous.

November 16 - Last Quarter Moon

November 17 - Mercury enters Sagittarius - Communication becomes philosophical.

November 20 -22 – Dark Moon Phase

November 23 - Sun enters Sagittarius – Happy Birthday!

November 23 - New Moon in Sagittarius - Power of the Animals.

November 23 – Jupiter goes direct - Money flows better now.

November 30 – 1st Quarter Moon

The month of November is going to be very difficult on many of us. It will be the worst month of 2022. Scorpio rules the month of November, throw in a midterm election, on a lunar eclipse in Taurus (feminine energies). There is a literal death and a rebirth happening within politics, government, economy and spirituality, and with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse…watch women roar as the entire Roe v. Wade issue brings people out in droves to vote, especially women. Brace yourselves, say some prayers. There will be fraud, refusal to except political outcomes, and deception will be exposed and militias and groups insurrecting violence is possible. Be safe, follow the stars, try to vote early if you can. May Great Spirit, Creator, God and Goddess bless us as we move forward into uncharted waters this month.


Astro -Strega

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