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November Monthly Forecast

November Transits:

Nov. 2 , 2021 - Mercury in Libra (communication), squares off with Pluto (Drama) in Capricorn(politics). It is advised to watch your tone with others in order to avoid arguments. There maybe some back stabbing going on behind your back. Keep your eyes, and ears open.

Nov. 4 ,2021 - New Moon is Scorpio. New beginnings and fresh starts within the world of investments, metaphysics, and finances. Money through inheritance or joint finances can bless the soul.

Nov.5,2021 - Venus (Goddess of Love) enters status seeking Capricorn. Venus takes on a more serious role now. Its about hard work, upscale events, and wealth and money.

Nov. 5, 2021 - Mercury enters Scorpio and we become the investigator. Communication becomes straight forward and brutally honest.

Nov. 6, 20231 - Mercury in Scorpio, sextiles (harmonious) Venus in Capricorn. Smooth talking will surely impress.

Nov. 10,2021 - Mercury in Scorpio conjuncts ( harmonious) Mars in Scorpio. This is where deep subconscious energy that can come forward. The planet of war or action working with the planet of communication, and the sign of mystical and metaphysics' , anything is possible. Positive or negative.

Nov. 19,2021 - Full Moon/ partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - Lots of changes coming with finances, how we do banking, and the economy in general. Better days are ahead financially for many.

Nov, 21. 2021 - Sun enters Sagittarius - Happy Birthday!

Nov. 24,2021 - Mercury enters Sagittarius. We become more talkative about phylosophy, higher learning, foreign affairs', and travel.

Welcome to November - The month of Shadow Work

Hello everyone, and welcome. This is the new and improved news letter. It is designed to better serve my Patreon clients the most but the general public will benefit too. I have been using the same dialog, and pattern for many years now. It is time for a change. As my business progresses forward so does my way of conducting business and how I serve the public better. Eventually, you will be able to pay for all of my services, and products in crypto currency in mid 2022, I hope. I will explain more in 2022.

November is here. The beginning few days of the month are a time to still honor our dead. The days are colder, snow is already falling in some parts of the world. and the leaves are still falling. I always find November to be the perfect month to begin "Shadow Work." The darkness is still there and working with it can bring epiphanies. We also just survived Mercury Rx, and let's not forget Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter which all turned direct in late October. This doesn't mean its smooth sailing ahead. The month of November will bring its ups and downs.

We have a New Moon in Scorpio on Nov. 4,2021 @ 5:15 EDT. New Moon energy is usually positive in nature. This Scorpionic New Moon is a rebirth and a re-awakening for many souls. This Moon is all about vitality, health, sexuality, sex, rebirth, death, finances, drama, taxes, transformations, secrets coming to light, war, terrorism, and the police, both positive and negative. Tragedy can and will happen this month, especially in those 'Days of Caution." Join Patreon and get all those dates here:

The positive side to this energy is that we can change, and see a transform in our own selves. This is where our deep metaphysical knowledge can come in very handy. Divination is powerful, scrying, tarot, astrology, and clairvoyance will all be on the menu these next few weeks. Utilize this time wisely, and to your benefit.

We have a partial lunar Eclipse on Nov. 19,2021 in Taurus @ 3:57 a.m. EDT. This will happen on the 18th for all of North America. The regions that will see some parts of the eclipse are most of Europe, Asia, Australia, North/West Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and the Arctic. North America has the best location to see the entirety of the eclipse as the eclipse will be most visible from the West Coast in the early morning hours starting at about 3:20 a.m., and peaking from 4:11 to 4:26 a.m. People on the East Coast will only see a partial eclipse.

This will have a major effect on the stock markets, investment sector, and crypto world. Prices could drop, and while one market crashes, another could do very well. People forget that in the realm of money, Venus/Taurus rules banking, finance, and wealth. Crypto on the other hand is ruled by Mercurial/Air energy. This is where the blockchain comes into focus, and the swift and fast movement of the blockchain, currencies' and digital assets become a Gemini/Aquarius aspect. You also get a view of the future and how the future will generate, and make money. This is where the Age of Aquarius meets the Mercurial age of money. With Uranus (sudden change) in Taurus(money) until July 2025...… will see a change in how banks deal with money or in this case, crypto currency.

With the first part of the month is in Scorpio energy and you must use this energy to investigate into your own finances, make plans to investment, and look for all the ways you can advance and better your portfolio and how you make money. The Lunar Full moon will make many of us emotional, lethargic, and doing some deep soul searching. News will be ahead in regards to finances, stock markets, crypto investments, and economy in general.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful November. A Happy Thanksgiving and a November filled with soul searching, tapping into our shadow self, and making the changes needed to progress into 2022. Lessons learned, journeys to come, and grow upon. This is the game plan.

Blessed be and have a wonderful month ahead.


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