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Oct. 2022 Energy Forecast

October 2 - Mercury is direct.

October 2 - 1st Quarter Moon.

October 8 - Pluto Direct

October 9 - Full Moon in Aries – Aggressive energy and war like mentality prevail.

October 10 - Mercury enters Libra again! – Communication becomes more diplomatic and productive.

October 10 - Mercury goes direct (Nostradamus Astrology)

October 17 - Last Quarter Moon

October 23 - Saturn Direct

October 23 - Venus enters Scorpio – Ultimate power with love and devotion.

October 23 - Sun enters Scorpio. Happy Birthday Scorpio!

October 22 - 24 Dark Moon Phase

October 25 - New Moon in Scorpio – We will tap into the darker side of things, and discover more metaphysical knowledge.

October 25 - Solar eclipse in Scorpio (Partial)

October 28 - Jupiter Rx moves back into Pisces. – A more harmonious scenario and music is key to happiness.

October 28 - Jupiter conjuncts Pisces – Our intuition comes into focus. Listen to that little voice in your head.

October 29 - Mercury enters Scorpio – Investigating and getting to the heart of the truth.

October 30 - Mars goes Retrograde – No energy, and a lack of patience.

October 31 – Happy Halloween!

Have a blessed October and remember, its eclipse season so things are about to get pretty intense towards the end of the month.


Astro - Strega

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