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Pluto Forecast!

There isn't much celestial action this week but The Days of Caution - Sept.12- 17th will be enough for one to handle.Pluto ,the ruler of death and drama will be in full swing. My prayers are with the Carolina's tonight.

The moon will be in Scorpio late on Sept. 12th- 14th and if your into doing money magic then Sept. 12/13 will be the perfect days to ask for more abundance. Money spells always work best in a waxing moon in Scorpio(investments,others money or Taurus( finances, banking). The truly advanced witch knows this energy rules witchcraft so do what thy will but do not harm thy innocent.

Here is a little spell to help you build your financial growth in this Scorpio moon phase

To Draw Wealth & Money

Set 5 pieces of Pyrite stone on an alter and surround them with 5 green candles.

Light the candles and visualize abundance and money coming your way and fulfilling your monetary needs. Focus or chant anything that feels right. Abundance and fortune come my way in perfect measure, so this is my way...etc One thing people forget is magic is powerful if one is truly in touch with their subconscious mind, for this is where magic happens. Manifest it, meditate on it and it will in time happen. Keep a piece of the Pyrite with you or in possession for luck.

Have a good week. My Carolina's be safe as you are in my prayers.

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