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Predictions for 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Happy New Year! As we move into 2021,we all want to leave 2020 behind, be optimistic, and hope for a better year. 2021 will bring its challenges as we are under a Gemini/Sagittarius axis through out 2021.

A Gemini/Sagittarius axis brings the air and fire dragon energies to the surface. Lets look at Gemini/air energy. even in a positive position, on the Dragons N. node axis it brings respiratory issues (covid), Gemini rules big cities such as N.Y.C and L.A and this is why Covid has been rampant in those cities since the start of the pandemic. Gemini rules air, wind, birds, communication, transportation, postal service, media, and social network platforms. You will hear of these things I've just mentioned in the news this year both positive and negative.

Let's take a look at the negative S. node Fire Dragon energy in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules education, higher learning, fire, phylosophy, the animal kingdom, wide open spaces, minority issues (BLM), Latinos, and Native American and indigenous energy. It also rules laws, courts, and justice. We have had lots of emphasis on supreme court justices the past eight months but also Sag. rules the hypocritic oath (Dr.s and medicine) creating for a very dangerous profession in Covid times. In astro geography this energy effects Australia (last Dec. fires & 80% of their animal kingdom wiped out), South America, California, and Arizona. This past summer California reported some of its worst fires in history. A negative fire Dragon will bring this on.

This fire dragon is bringing trauma to our animal kingdom, wiping out many species. It's energy is keeping the people from the truth or even bothering to search for it. The truth seeking sign is now in a negative, where conspiracy is a dime a dozen and people are very guidable to believe. This energy represents falsehoods, lies, where souls who do not do their research or think for themselves will find that they have been scammed. Putting a little logical thinking, and reasoning will go a long way in the year of conspiracy's and bullshit. Do not follow the sheep.

June and December 2021 will be major months to watch for with both air and fire energies. This energy is hunting for Gemini/Sagittarius souls and those born with a Sun, Moon, rising, or Dragons head/tail in those two signs will feel this energy the most. They will either be challenges or progressive opportunities depending on ones karma and stars.

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2021 Predictions

- Something very abnormal is going to take place on inauguration day as it coincides with a negative energy on Jan.20, 2021. Its deadly energy and Im worried.

- A trump divorce is eminent this year. Either way she is leaving her husband via divorce or death, which ever comes first.

- We haven't heard the last of Trump as he will be in the headlines alot this coming year.

- Covid will be with us for ALL of 2021. It eases up in springtime, then hits again for fall and winter. Vaccines created in a neg. Sag window will bring many bad reactions to the drug.

- More fires in the summer for California and Arizona and possible drought for Australia and South America.

- There will be major changes and restructure to the postal system.

- Changes in the way media is done. A restructure of that.

- More sadness from the animal world and people losing their own pets.

- Food shortages, foreclosures and many people to struggle even more financially

- More earthquakes and seismic activity in 2021 leading up to the Taurus/Scorpio -Earth/water Dragon coming in 2022 dancing with Uranus in Taurus, guarantee's a major quake in 2021 near May's lunar eclipse on the 26th in Taurus(Mother Earth).

- Financial issues for U.S.A! Here is the rundown as many astrologers and occultist are referring to this as the "darkest winter." Something major is in the wind, and as in investor in crypto, I can assure you it has a lot to do with that. I think the stock market will flourish for February and March but drop drastically come April or May.

- We are in the paradigm shift from one age to another but we are also going thru a financial and monetary reset.

- Late Jan. 2021 begins the exposure of deception, and fraud created by wall street and big banks and why crypto is the money we will be using by 2025.

Stay safe this year, follow the stars and respect the Moon's Universal laws or you will pay the price. Here are the rest of my New Years Specials and clearance from my Cosmic Cauldron store.

Blessings, Linda

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