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September 2022 Energy Forecast

September 2022 Energy Forecast

Mercury Retrograde - August 31 - Oct.10, 2022 (In Modern Astrology it begins Sept.9 - Oct.2) Mercury will be in Libra and then Virgo on September 25, 2022

September 3 – 1st Quarter Moon

September 5 - Venus enters Virgo – Love gets practical and critical.

September 10 - Full Moon in Pisces – It’s all about the arts, divination and illusions

September 17 – Last Quarter Moon

September 22 - Sun enters Libra. Happy Birthday Libra!

September 22 – The Cazimi -Mercury conjuncts the Sun

September 22 – Fall Equinox

September 23 - Mercury moves into Virgo Rx and dignified. – Communication is misunderstood

September 22 -24 – Dark Moon Phase

September 25 – New Moon in Libra - The focus is all about balance, harmony, contracts, and partnerships.

September 29 – Venus enters Libra (Dignified) - Love and partnership is in the air. It’s all about commitment, marriage, and love.

Monthly Forecast for September 2022

The week of September 1 – 7, 2022. The ruling planets are Pluto (Death n Drama), Jupiter (seeking the truth), and Saturn (political drama) and Uranus (Nukes and earthquakes).

Money and Finances: The beginning of the month for many is a fiscal reset of the month. The Scorpio Moon will be perfect for investing and setting up financial goals. Please watch for hackers, scammers, and keep an eye out on all bank accounts, credit cards and even crypto scams. It’s an excellent time to invest, buy the dip but it is also a dangerous time where thieves are lurking. Be aware!

Love: New moons can bring new lovers and all earth signs are magnetic. However, Mercury is retrograde, and the past can come back. This means ex’s could re-enter your love life…or try too. With Venus moving into Virgo on the 5th, love can become critical or even lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Travel and Environment: There will be travel delays with Mercury Rx. Even traveling in good stars will still bring delays and gridlock. Possible power grid issues and outages too. The week begins under Plutonic energy (Aug.31/1/2) and a grim warning too all that death and drama is near. BE SAFE! Follow the Dos and Don’ts of Pluto. This week also ends under Uranic energy so I do expect news regarding technology, space, science, UFO, nuclear, earthquakes, tsunami, shocking news…be prepared.

Purchases: Buying lingerie and sexual paraphernalia is good under these stars. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius, any purchases or adoptions of fur babies are blessed under these stars and they will be your forever pet. The end of the week is perfect for new/ used or refurbished electronics.

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Have a safe month ahead.


Astro - Strega

Disclaimer for Money and Finances: This is not financial advice but simply an astrological perspective of the stars. Never invest more then you are willing to lose.

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