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September 2023 Energy Forecast

Updated: Sep 6

September 2023 Energy Forecast

Sept.3 - Venus goes direct - We can resume beauty treatments.

Sept.4 - Jupiter goes Retrograde - Seek out other methods of making income.

Sept. 4 - Mercury in Virgo Trines Jupiter in Taurus - The mind is sharp and able to comprehend quickly, especially with money.

Sept.6 - Last Quarter Moon

Sept.6 - Mercury Cazimi - Sun conjuncts Mercury - Mental clarity, strong intellect, and strong frequencies.

Sept. 11/12/13 - Dark Moon Phase

Sept. 14 - New Moon in Virgo - We pursue better health, fitness, and organization.

Sept. 15 - Mercury goes direct (modern astrology)

Sept.17 - Venus in Leo Squares Jupiter in Taurus - Conceit, overindulgence, and compulsive spending.

Sept.19 - Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces - Illusions, delusions, and a feeling of self-importance. Ungrounding energy.

Sept.22 - 1st Quarter Moon

Sept.23 - Autumn Equinox - 1st Day of Fall/Mabon

Sept. 23 - Sun enters Libra - Happy Birthday, Libra

Sept.25 - Mercury is direct (Ancient Astrology)

Sept.29 - Full Moon in Aries - Let the battles begin.

Sept. 30 - Mercury in Virgo Trines Uranus in Taurus - A shocking twist to the economy might be announced.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Month of September. Be safe!

Astro Strega

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