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Solar Eclipse in Aries and New Moon in Aries/Taurus

It is officially eclipse season and this Solar eclipse on April 19, 2023, is in Aries and begins at 7:34 p.m. PDT. There is also a New Moon in Aries/Taurus at 9:13 p.m. PDT on April 19/20, but it doesn't slip into Taurus until 9:30 p.m. PDT, making this a rare one. This solar eclipse sits on the cusp of Aries at 29 degrees and will not be visible in the U.S.A. Usually, Solar Eclipses and New Moons directly coincide with one another, taking on double the energy of that sign. However, this New Moon is only in Aries for 15 minutes, and it's not operating at its strongest energy. This is where Taurus steps in creating dual energy between Mars and Venus. And rare events create rare scenarios, so expect something eventful and even war-like to occur. Since this is taking on Aries energy, wars, violence, protests, and riots are possible, and with it moving into Taurus, expect money issues too. Be safe!

Please note: This Solar eclipse is most unusual because it is considered very rare. It’s called a “Hybrid Solar Eclipse” because Earth's surface is curved, and sometimes an eclipse can shift between annular and total as the Moon's shadow moves across the globe. This is where it changes its appearance as the Moon's shadow moves across the Earth's surface.

The New Moon in Aries/Taurus and on a rare Solar Eclipse is a direct message from the universe stating to prepare for radical, life-changing events. I am not here to scare anyone but this is where we all begin to feel uncomfortable with the way the world is heading. Pluto in Aquarius these next few months is the precursor of what is ahead. War is very possible and full-blown by October of this year and so is the threat of nuclear attack. Let's hope not!

On the more positive aspect of things; The Taurus New Moon which is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, diplomacy, romance, beauty, and finances is in control these next few weeks and even months, due to the Dragon head in Taurus. This is a time for beauty, love, the arts, money matters, accumulating more wealth, and improving one’s self-esteem. All things dealing with finances, banking, industry, beauty, esthetics, luxury items, and exquisite food and drink are what this moon is all about.

The moon is waxing now and it’s a go for all sound investments, signing contracts, furthering one’s finances, and pursuing love. Your security will be the focus, and so should your appearance. This is the perfect time to go out and buy some new clothes, get spruced up at the salon, and get those fillers, and botox (adding things to the body in a waxing moon is always blessed by the universal laws) and artistic endeavors are blessed too. The only negative side to this energy is that some souls will become shopaholics and overspend. So be wise with your money but also enjoy it too.

This new moon will directly affect and make Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo the most magnetic. However, Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, rising, or Dragons head and tail in Taurus feel this too. Some earth signs experience better days ahead for the spring season.

Spring Fever is in the air and many of us will feel very active with this Solar/ New Moon energy. Get out into the world and explore, find aesthetic beauty in nature whether the forest, ocean, or lake, anywhere in nature will due. Many of us will feel like being in the spotlight but it is wise to lay low to avoid jealous, plutonic souls who want to destroy your character. Invest your time with souls who are true to you and themselves and in the end you will achieve the status you want without the negative Nellies even realizing you are way ahead of them in this game.

As a friendly reminder, The planet Uranus which represents the sudden release of energy, earthquakes, earth changes, shocking changes, revolution, invention, and innovation has transitioned into solid, steady, and strong, earth ruling, Taurus since 2019. Uranus is dancing with Taurus from March 6, 2019 – Jul 7, 2025. Expect, the unexpected and shocking things will happen both good and bad. Taurus in Uranus is slow and steady and we have a few more years to find out what curve balls it is going to throw at us. However, I can assure you that they will entail earth changes relating to volcanoes, strong earthquakes, tsunamis, and even financial changes on the horizon. Taurus is slow to act but we have two more years of it in Uranus and three more months of the Dragon Head in Taurus creating major natural disasters, more earth changes, and even chain reaction events.

Remember, we may be heading into an Aries Dragon energy in July but Taurus is a slow-moving sign, and it will do all of its havok in the last four months of its reign. Earth changes will emanate, especially in May, with those placements.

I foresee a death of some sort regarding the economy, banking, and some global currencies. Eclipses both Solar and Lunar are about death and rebirth in the hypothetical. The Solar represents the outwardness and expression or appearance of a soul, country, or region. Solar eclipses are more positive and focus on the outer expression as to where lunar eclipses are about inner turmoil, dealing with the emotional side of life, and deeper personal issues.

Magickal Folk: This New Moon/ Solar energy is in an Aries/ Taurus aspect. Any spell work to take action on a new career, or business endeavor, or to add energy to any investments will be good. Any ritual work for love, romance, finding a lover, self-care, beauty, real estate, and material gains will be blessed now. This is the perfect time to pull out “The Rose of Jericho” and do some money and abundance magic using the power of Venus.

Happy Magick Making!

These next few weeks will be filled with the energies of Mars and Venus. I am hoping that with this eclipse being at a weaker degree that the Aries/Mars energy won't be as intense. However, pay close attention to the events that happen between April 17 - 21 as they will be an omen or precursor of things to come when the Dragon axis moves in July into Aries/Libra.

Remember, this is a hybrid eclipse and a very rare eclipse will promote very interesting events. Be prepared.

The New Moon energy in Taurus will be felt in a very Venetian way. Many of us will feel hedonistic, indulgent, and focused on aesthetic beauty. This is a very romantic moon and with Mercury in Rx old love affairs can rekindle. Proceed with caution. Be aware but do enjoy the Taurus energies and pamper yourself just a little.

This is eclipse season, and Mercury Rx in Taurus will bring up money matters, and sometimes the past comes back into our lives. If those experiences were positive then go ahead but leave the negative in the past. Proceed into the future.

Use the “Days of Caution” these next few weeks to maneuver around the eclipse energy. You can receive these dates for $5 per month here: Do get out and enjoy the spring sunshine. And with all the terrible things happening in the world; stick to things involving nature, the great outdoors, and less congested or crowded places.

Pamper, rest, and rejuvenate for we will all need our strength, composure, and compassion come the month of May. With a lunar eclipse on May 5, 2023, in Scorpio, prepare for the worst but hope for the best. This will be a very dark Full Moon. Be safe!

Blessed Solar Eclipse and New Moon to you all.

Astro - Strega

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