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Super Blood Wolf Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo 1/20-21, 2019

Before we even begin with the lunar Full moon forecast, I want to tell you that five planets are all in alignment and direct as of Jan. 16 -21, 2019.Magical opportunities are afoot and we will be ready to achieve some of the things we want in life. An energy shift is happening. Five Planets are in their most intense and strongest phase right now.We have The Moon in Cancer, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. Its a harmonious alignment and a calm before the storm. With positive,comes negative and natural disasters, global and political crisis, and in a great many ways a death and rebirth....Lets talk about the eclipse.

Remember, Solar events are about our outward self,appearance, our souls purpose shining thru. We will be experiencing a Lunar event and these are all about the internal self, inner-self,feeling,emotions, death and rebirth, and even a more empathic side for some. A Lunar Eclipse in Leo represents children,love,entertainment,drama and dramatic events. Leo rules the heart, and difficult decisions with affairs of the heart may have to be resolved or severed. Souls born with a strong Leo energy;Sun,Moon,rising,natal and hidden dragon energies (North and South Nodes) in their chart will experience this the most. However where ever you have Leo in your chart this will affect you by house and sign too.

Full Moon Forecast Jan 20/21,2019 @ 9:16 pm PST, 12:16 am EST in Leo.

See my past article about this here as I have updated the time frames for the eclipse:

Aries: Your 5th house of love,romance and children will be challenged. Issues and problems will arise with your children,love life and your own happiness. Aries, the time is now to make "you" a priority. Doing all the work while the partner receives all the benefits is coming to an end.Your voice will be heard. Good Luck!

Taurus: Your home - life, family members and domestic issues will be the focus. This energy is in your 4th house of home,emotions,mother,and domestic issues, creating some stress at this time. You will feel like staying at home and hibernating and probably best. This is also the perfect time to think about moving,redecorating or even relocation but don't make any rash decisions until the New moon phase in a few weeks.

Gemini: This energy is in your 3rd house and relates to communication,transportation,mental process, and short trips. You may experience car trouble ,electronic issues and general miscommunication if you do not speak clearly. You're love life signals some changes too but you must be open to those changes and see the signs when they appear.

Cancer: Its all about money, money ,money as this energy is in the 2nd house of wealth,finances and self-esteem. Learning how to budget and save will be your hardest lesson as Cancers tend to buy on impulse because they like to live in the moment. This energy commands you to have better self esteem of yourself and don't miss out on the love connections and signs because you are so pre- occupied with your finances.

Leo: This energy is right on you Leo,the 1st house,your souls purpose and self. You will realize the things you want in life,the changes needed to achieve them and focus on some health issues too. Your love life will be active too. You may also have a spiritual awakening of some sort as you and Capricorn are in the same boat spiritually speaking. The 3rd eye will open,enjoy!

Virgo: A subconscious break through will happen for you as this energy shift effects your 12th house of subconscious,mysticism,escapism, dreams and even hidden enemies come to the surface. Listen to those dreams dear Virgo, the are guiding you. Make yourself a priority at this time and get back in touch with your spiritual side.

Libra: This energy takes place in the 11th house of friends,social events and social situations. Now is the time to keep the friends you cherish and let go of the ones that cause you more hardship. Those true friends will possibly make one of your wishes come true in the next few months.

Scorpio: Your career,accomplishments and public standings will be in the limelight as this energy resides in your 10th house of career and public impressions. Behave yourself now as you are under a microscope at this time. It will be a time to praise yourself for your accomplishments,treat yourself but keep your eye out for new career opportunities that arise.

Sagittarius: Your 9th house of higher learning,travels,foreigners and law will be on the agenda. Your studies may suffer or abruptly change,traveling will be a nightmare so try not to travel at this time.Putting your self worth first and learning to deal with the changes taking place both on the physical and spiritual plane will be your 1st priority.

Capricorn: This energy will be in the 8th house of intimacy, transformation,joint finances,inheritances,death and rebirth and investments. You may hear of a death soon and added stress relating to investments, joint finances with a partner make it more troublesome. Things will improve in the New Moon Phase. Your sex life will improve with this energy too.

Aquarius: Your 7th house of partnerships,contracts and domestic relationships will feel this jolt. You will have to make some changes with your partner.Break ups are common under these stars or you may decided on counseling.This energy is either positive or negative depending on the actions and decisions you make.

Pisces: Your 6th house of health and employment will need some attention.If you do not take care of yourself the stars will force a wake up call on you. Change in job can add to this stress, even a relationship that works one way maybe the culprit of your ailments, both physical and psychological. Take care of you, Pisces!

Enjoy this lunar energy but also be aware of its positive and negative energy for just like the eclipse, the moon dies and is reborn again, just like us as humans. We are forever transforming and trying to reach to the higher self in all of us. Check out my last radio interview here:


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