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Surviving Mercury Retrograde

What does it mean when this planet moves backwards? Mercury has already gone retrograde according to ancient astrology methods but in modern astrology it begins on July 26th - Aug. 19th.

Mercury is the planet of communication (messenger of the God's), transportation, broadcasting, journalism, television, writing, talking, critical thinking and intellectual discussions. When this planet goes retro it literally forces us to slow down and look for introspect; reflect on your life and see where one can do better. Retrogrades always bring the past back to life and if those past friends and memories are pleasant, then enjoy. This is also where miscommunication comes in.Speak clearly and precise as miscommunication is common under these stars.



  1. Do not buy a new car

  2. Do not sign any contracts

  3. Do not travel if you can avoid it

  4. Do not start anything new

  5. Do not go on a first date or get married


  1. Do look over all your work carefully and double check everything

  2. Do get your car serviced or tune-up

  3. Do update your websites and social media persona's

  4. Do put some money in savings

  5. Do clean up around your home,reflect,regroup and refocus

  6. Do have a yard sale as recycled is blessed under a retrograde period

Mercury Retrograde 7/26 -8/19

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