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The death of Kim Jung Un

Kim Jung Un was born on January 8,1984 under the Sun sign of Capricorn. Looking at his chart he ws born with a Dragons head/tail in Gemini/Sagittarius. The past 18 months this energy has been hunting for both January and July souls. His tail resides in Sagittarius, and had surgery on one of his unlucky days around April 10/11/12. The Universal energy is still in Capricorn, right on him. Having surgery on his negative days was a big no no and it cost him his life.

However, I will not put too much effort into this evil human beings stars. Taking a look at his stellium in his 12th house and all the planets clustered there, he was clearly a deviant, power driven soul, who brutally murdered innocent people with an erratic subconscious mind.He had a hidden Dragon in Pisces(illusions and delusions) sitting in his 3rd house, along with a Moon, one of the worst placement in the Zodiac for a man. Whether he is dead or in a vegetative state, I say good riddance!

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