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The Draconian Enegy Shift into Cancer/Capricorn axis....are you ready!

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

The day after elections we have a "changing of the guards" where the North and South Nodes of the Moon shift after 18 months of being in the signs of Leo/Aquarius. On Nov. 7,2018 - May 5, 2020 the axis shifts and the universe prepares for a Caner/Capricorn energy. These two signs will be hunted and tested to our limits; so buckle up Capricorn and Cancer, let the power of positive thinking occur because any negative we feed into or fear, this energy will find it. Know your positive and negative monthly days. I will begin offering this service in December just in time for the New Year. Stay tuned!

So, what does this all mean? Remember that everything has its positive and negative and right now we have conservative Capricorn in its negative state. Capricorn rules politics,science, government, structure and discipline. The soul's purpose is to climb the mountain of success but first he must suffer the hand of karma or even have an awakening that is deep and profound. Capricorn, like Pisces is a karmic sign. Where ever we have a negative dragon energy moving thru the S. Node; we have a very stressful, manipulative and powerful energy. People will be more cold and unyielding,calculated, and even snobbish. The scientific community may have to except some very metaphysical facts coming to light. Our government will see many changes and social unrest,chaos, a constitutional crisis, a financial disaster along with many natural disasters will occur. The self serving abuse of Capricorn will come to light, truths will be revealed. Politicians and the Monarchy( England,Royals) and their corruption will not be hidden any more and many will feel like they have been betrayed, especially once tax season comes around. The United Kingdom will feel this energy directly as they are a Capricorn nation,especially with Brexit. All of Capricorn's negative qualities will come to light for the next 18 months.

N.Node moves into Cancer, the sign of family,mother,spirituality, purity, emotions,real-estate,hospitality,hotels, restaurants. and the United States of America (July 4, 1776) This energy is right on the U.S.A. We have the potential to heal as a nation and find our spiritual side once again. Thru tolerance,acceptance and nurturing we have the stars on our side to show the world the nation we once were and can be again.

A fearless nation,a nation of morals,compassion and strength. Always there to help our allies and the less fortunate. We have forgotten that we need to put "Humanity First" and find our compassionate side again. This new energy can make use find our emotional and spiritual side again. Cancer in its positive state is caring,loving, sensual and even mystical but it also bears the element of water so more that usual news with floods,boating accidents, drownings and water related situations will make headlines. Family will be important and great food,fun and family time will be enjoyed. The economy will tank especially the stock market, but great deals will be found in real estate, especially in summer/fall 2019. Save your money and invest when the stars are right.The real estate bubble is about to crash and California and Washington will see the brunt of this. Cancer( all about feelings) is the polar opposite of Capricorn (control and abuse).

Draconian Forecast for 2019:

The world will feel this energy the strongest in Jan. 2019, July 2019 and Jan.2020. Watch the news and see that takes place. We are getting ready to fall on very hard times my friends. Its time to stock your pantries, do not spend money on meaningless stuff and luckily with the Cancer energy we will be able to come together,feed one another as CANCER rules food and helping each other in times of crisis.

Where ever you have Cancer and Capricorn in your chart, you will feel this energy both positive and negative. It will be directly effecting anyone with a Sun,Moon,Ascendant, natal or hidden dragon(Nodes) in Cancer and Capricorn. It will be really important, especially for Caner/Capricorn to know your positive and negative days. I will be offering this in a few weeks as a new feature to our check it out.

Here is an explanation of the energies by house and sign:

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