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The Jupiter Report

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Jupiter (Lord of Luck) has come home to its governing sign in Sagittarius from Nov.8 2018 - Dec. 2, 2019. As they say" this will be a game changer for many".We will have more curiosity,adventure, higher learning,traveling and opportunities will be endless with this celestial energy. Jupiter represents growth and expansion. It is the largest planet in our solar system and is called "the protector". Jupiter always protects and takes care of his children and where ever Jupiter is placed in ones star chart will be given endless opportunities for mental exploration, higher learning and education, traveling, and foreigners. The placement of your Jupiter will signify how luck and growth will be experienced and will bless you will large amounts of good fortune and luck. This is were good karma from the past is due to you. If you have a natal in Jupiter/Sagittarius then the luck doubles down.

In my own experiences with this planet,I was born with a Jupiter in Scorpio, also known as the natural born witch or occultist (metaphysics,witchcraft, investigations). And it isn't an accident that I'm drawn to the underworld.And have studied the ancient sciences of Alchemy,Astrology,Occultism and Magick and this past year with Scorpio in Jupiter many doorways have opened for me, not just on this physical plane but in other dimensions thru meditation and astral projection. People with this placement will always have a thirst for deep seeded knowledge; as the written word will simply not be enough for these souls. We want deeper understanding and meanings to things.

Jupiter Report by house and sign 2019:

Aries: Jupiter is gracing your 9th house of higher learning,deep study,foreigners and travel. All of these areas will be blessed and bring great luck to you the the coming year. Be adventurous dear Aries.

Taurus: Jupiter moves into the 8th house making other peoples money touch you personally.Inheritance is possible but also death and legacy is possible. Saving money on insurance and taxes will also be blessed under this energy. And your sex life should improve A LOT.

Gemini: Wedding bells are possible under this energy. Jupiter is gracing your 7th house of marriage and contracts with business and partnerships will be prosperous and adventures. Follow the moon and you cant lose.

Cancer: Health will improve and an added boost is given to stay focused and disciplined. This energy is cruising the 6th house of health and work related issues. You may even get a promotion,raise or even a better job in 2019.

Leo: Your love sector is about to get very active. This energy is cruising your 5th house of love,romance and children. Pregnancies are common and kids will bring great joy and luck into your life. You're creativity will be unstoppable.

Virgo: A change of residency,buying or selling a house and remodeling your home will be on the agenda this year. Jupiter is cruising your 4th house of home,security,emotions,mother,father and immediate family.

Libra: Your mental process will be acute.Short trips, deep studies and communication will be blessed under this energy as Jupiter cruises your 3rd house making your immediate environment and mentality stronger that ever. Siblings will be contacting you too.

Scorpio: Jupiter is now in your 2nd house of wealth,money and self esteem. Fortune is to be made here. Sound investments made now will pay off. Luck is on your side.Try playing the lottery and know your lucky and unlucky 2019 days will surely benefit you dear Scorpio.

Sagittarius: This planet has come home, right on you, the 1st house of self, physical appearance and how others see you. Just like Scorpio, you will be very lucky in 2019 if you play your cards right. The only downfall here is weight gain. Sag will be more prone to putting on extra pounds as the planet of expansion( waistline) is right on you.

Capricorn: This energy will be in the 12th house of subconscious, occult, inward self and we become more observant and introverted. We will speak less and observe more.Its really a great time for Capricorn to find their spiritual awareness and have an awakening of some cosmic sort. Just because you cant see it,touch it, or feel it doesn't mean it does not exist. Open yourself up to the intangible.

Aquarius: Wishes will be granted and friends will be in abundance this year as Jupiter will cruise your 11th house of social circles, friends, wishes, original experiences and hopes. It will be a great time to get involved with groups that have meaning to you.

Pisces: Your public standing and career get a boost as Jupiter cruises your 10 th house of career, reputation,father, honors and accomplishments. You could be getting a raise or move up the corporate ladder of success. Male figures will have a positive effect on you at this time.

Here is the facts on what we can expect from Jupiter in 2019:

- Humanity will find its spiritual side and have more awareness.

- New medical advancements and procedures will be introduced.

- People will find much luck and success with foreigners, traveling and new studies to broaden the mind and indulge our philosophical side.

- Spirituality and awareness will be found.The 3rd eye may open for a great many at this time; for not only monetary gain can be achieved but spiritual growth too.

- Remember, where ever you have Jupiter ,you have luck and abundance. This added energy can be used as a catalyst towards metaphysical,philosophical and spiritual endeavors.

May Jupiter bless you this coming year and best of luck to all in 2019.

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