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The Libra New Moon Forecast!

A New Moon in Libra on Saturday, September 28 @ 2:26 p.m EDT.This New Moon will be

all about balance,diplomacy, peace, and affairs with love, money and laws of justice. Our psyche will feel a sense of peace and serenity. This energy should give our politicians and world leaders a dose of diplomacy and try very hard to create peace over war. All the air signs will feel this energy the most and in a very positive way but if you have a Rising,a Moon, or Dragons Head or Tail you will most definitely feel this New Moons energy also.

This is the perfect time to get married, propose marriage,make deeper commitments, sign contracts, deal with legal issues and court cases, create a loving home environment,redecorate,and of course fall in love. Libra is ruled by Venus(Goddess of Love) so pampering yourself should be on the agenda. Get your hair done, get your facials,nails and anything dealing with beauty. Shopping is very high on the agenda and we might feel like redecorating our homes as Libra is the interior decorator of the zodiac. Libra can also be the psychologist and we may feel the urge to tap into our subconscious mind and see things thru Venusian eyes. The next few weeks are green lights to sign those contracts, make business deals,invest, plan your future, and proceed forward with life. Enjoy this very beautiful Libra New Moon.

Magickal Folk: Libra New Moons are perfect for creating magick for balance,harmony, love spells, mental stimulation and psychic work. I also would do spells for court and justice issues. Healing rituals for ailments of the kidneys and lower back are best done now.

New Moon Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Partnerships will improve and much needed change is coming. This energy blesses your partnership house.Sign contracts now.

Taurus: Legal issues are common now. Changes coming to your work life and employment sector. Your health will see improvement.

Gemini: Lots of love and romance is in the air. Children will bring you great joy and deals are to be had. You might meet a Libra or Aquarius now,as the Laws of Attraction are set in place.

Cancer: Major decisions now take place within the realm of real estate, home environment, family,mother, and emotions. Its a green light!

Leo: Great news is ahead via mail,phone or email. Short trips will be blessed and siblings may reconnect at this time.

Virgo: This New moon fall right in your money and wealth sector and it is a great time to make money, invest, and improve your finances.

Libra: This energy is right on you Libra. Its the beginning of something new. Fresh starts and positive outlooks. The stars are shining right on you so make magic happen.

Scorpio: Secrets are reviled and the subconscious will be alert.Dreams will give meaning and even secret love affairs can start under this energy of the 12th house.

Sagittarius: Social life will be busy meeting new people and even possible love interests too..Your dear friends bring wishes. Make plans and sign contracts.

Capricorn: New career opportunities will come your way and more money is to be made. Accomplishments get noticed.

Aquarius: Travel plans and encounters with foreigners will be on the agenda. Time to write and publish that book. You are blessed all around.

Pisces: Investments made now will prosper at a later date. People in high places will help you and joint money will be the focus.

Wishing everyone a very blessed New Moon.Blessings!

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