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The Scorpio New Moon

This New Moon will be in the intense sign of Scorpio on Monday, November 13, 2023 at 4:27 a.m. EST. This will be a powerful Moon for investments such as stocks, bonds, crypto, and real estate. Some will benefit from others money, inheritances, and taxes. This energy also brings strong sexual desires, or pleasures of the flesh with passionate desire, just don't mistake lust for love and vice versa.

Investments of all sorts are blessed under these stars but beware because we are in a Plutonic phase for several days and as always, check those bank accounts and credit card statements for any fraudulent and malicious activity, know your surroundings, new moon or not, Pluto doesn't mess around. There will be many that experience "wake up calls" or secrets that come to light. Keep them to yourself for now.

Scorpio rules the world of metaphysics, witchcraft, the occult, investigations (paranormal too),medicine, morgues, insurance, investments, joint finances, sex, sexuality, life, death, drama, rebirth and transformations. This Scorpionic New Moon energy can be filled with intensity, intrigue, and drama. Do have fun but be aware of the things around and avoid large crowds and events. The world at large is under an umbrella of volatile energy and this New Moon promises to be filled with drama, death news (rich and famous), and wake up calls for many of us. Be aware as even in waxing energy, hard lessons might have to be learned.

The more positive aspect of this New Moon will be to invest, make money, and make good financial decisions. This moon rules sex so it will be a good time to tap into your sensual side too. Deep spiritual knowledge or forbidden knowledge can be gained at this time; so a deep dive into occult matters to see what secrets are revealed wouldn't hurt.

It will be all the water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) that will be extremely magnetic and feel this moon strongly. Those souls born with a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Ascendant, natal or hidden Dragon in Scorpio , and Taurus will all feel this moon's energy intensely.

Magickal Folk

November is the time of deep divination, shadow working, ancestry work and transformation. The Scorpio new moon is perfect to work spells dealing with finances, cash flow, and investments. Sexuality, lust and sex spells work perfectly under Scorpio moon as do ritual work work dealing with shadow work, psychic growth, and transformation. And all magical tools are perfect for purchase at this time too.

Happy Magic Making!

I always post the birthday months forecast for you.


This is your Moon, Scorpio and you hold all the cards to succeed. These next few weeks you can really make your wishes and dreams a reality. You receive this New Moon right on you, your 1st house of self, soul's purpose, appearance, first impressions, and beginnings. The stars shine upon you these next fourteen days and you can't lose, especially if you work, and try hard enough. Best of luck!

These next few weeks will be rewarding for many, and trying for some as the New Moon falls on the back end of a Plutonic phase creating many wake up calls for the world at large and in our own lives too.

The news will be the same old depressing news filled with falsehoods and lies. One thing I can say about a Scorpio New Moon is there will be no tolerance for falsehoods and lies, and some will get exposed in these stars.

The key to this moon's energy is to jump into spiritual or occult subjects to occupy your time. Stay focused, positive, and always hope and pray for a better tomorrow for the entire world.


Astro Strega

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