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The stars and fate of Kobe Bryant

It is a very sad day not only in the world of basketball but for many families who died in this tragic helicopter accident once again the dates I gave where "Days of Caution" for Jan.24/25/26 shocking news,explosions, eruptions,earthquakes,weather issues, the strange and bizzare, UFO's ,NASA,Space X, science and technology. All of these topics will be in the news one way or another.

Ancient Astrology and Universal Laws teach us that we are not invincible to the stars and if followed in accordance can change the course of ones life, good and bad. Kobe Bryant was born on Aug,23,1978 in the Constellation of Leo but the Sun sign of Virgo. He has a Dragons head in Virgo\Pisces tail. Unfortunately, if I was his astrologer I would of advised against flying under this Uranic window but also inform him that he is operating on one of his negative days. A deadly mix of Uranic energy that the world is still under, combined with Kobys negative days of Jan.26/27/28 took many lives. The stars don't care how rich,famous, and successful you are. Go against their jurisdiction and pay the ultimate price.

My thoughts and prayers go out too all lives that were lost and their families. I cant even imagine the heartache they are going thru. I know Kobe Bryant was no Saint and had a lot of issues in his past as many have brought to my attention. however, nine lives where lost, not just a celebrity but children,his child,other mothers,fathers,husbands and wives. I will not elaborate on whether he was a rapist of not since he was acquitted and its bad Juju to speak ill of the dead unless its Jeffrey Epstein

I encourage all of you to light a candle and say a prayer for ALL the precious lives lost yesterday. Blessed Be!

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