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The Stars of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders was born September 8,1941 in Brooklyn, New York.He has a

stellium in the 1st house with a Sun(outward appearance), Neptune( best placement for Neptune to be is in Virgo) and Dragons head in Virgo. As a Virgo, Bernie is a great organizer with good attention to details. He is very methodical and fastidious in every project he undertakes and he is also very courageous and would like to be a leader (or ruler). The only danger here is that he can overdo it by becoming too critical and overworking himself. Virgos are socially gracious and are repulsed by vulgar behavior. His 1st house placement indicates a very forceful personality. The issue of power will keep reoccurring in his relationships, and he has learned thru the years to cultivate a spirit of compromise as we can see from being the only Democratic candidate to appear on Fox news. One of the most positive aspects of Bernie Sanders is his very direct and brutal honesty. This house placement also indicates that he is generally healthy, and I know all about the heart attack and pacemaker. My grandmother had a pace maker put in and she lived to be 99 years old. If its any sign in the zodiac that can do well in old age its Virgos and Capricorns.

Neptune in Virgo will absorb new information like a sponge and can apply it practically. Bernie is scientifically oriented and may be skeptical of metaphysical or psychic matters.His greatest satisfaction will come from serving those in need. He is hypersensitive, visionary and artistically creative. He does have strong psychic abilities but since he dismisses the metaphysical world for the scientific world he will never tap into these energies that could very well help him win an election.

Bernie has a Dragons head in Virgo making him a double Virgo. He is very sensitive and compassionate, and others often come to him seeking comfort. He has the ability to feel the pain of others, and can be an easy mark for people with hard luck stories. In many lifetimes, he has been deceived by people who took advantage of his compassionate nature. His challenge now is to realize he cannot help everyone and to develop judgment and discrimination. Learn to say "no" and stick to it. He has empathic characteristics and must learn to focus on the positives of his Dragons head. Some of which he has already achieved such as a genius in research and organization. A great communicator, and public relations person.

Mercury(communication) is in Libra(2nd house). This is all about "group efforts", and his slogan "Not me,Us" is so very Libra. Others are usually impressed by your rational or completely unhinged by his logic, reason, well-balanced mind, and his persuasive public speaking techniques. It is important for him to have a harmonious social life, and chooses his friends wisely. With his sharp mind,natural administrative and organizing abilities, he could have great success turning his inventive ideas into material wealth(Virgo is the natural born book writer) and Bernie as made money on his best selling book.

Venus in Libra(2nd house) is all about the value of marriage for personal fulfillment. His surroundings must be harmonious and he has learned the value of money early in life and has a natural talent for finance. This would explain why the elitists in Washington do not want this man in office. Since he has a flair for finance he will expose all of their sins.

Bernie has a Mars in Aries( 8th house) and has both an active mind and an active lifestyle. He is very enthusiastic about life and wants to live every moment to the fullest. With Mars in its home sign, Aries, and this pertains to him more in his younger days then now but he can often act without thinking through all of the consequences and can therefore be rash and impulsive. This can even result in injuries (especially to the head).Mars in Aries isn't known for their patience. Karmically,he can make up for past lives of greed and abuse by sharing his resources with others in need.

Bernie's Moon is also in the 8th house of Aries. Moon in Aries people are also known for their fiery tempers, although you quickly get over it. Individual freedom and self-expression are important to him along with new ideas. In his career he is attracted to positions of authority, and can often achieve them. On the negative this placement can be all talk and no action. This house placement also gives emotions a Scorpionic touch (Scorpio rules the Eighth House). He probably saw his mother as an intense individual, and his relationship with her transformed him in some way. There is nothing superficial about this person. You get what you get. He look for a deeper meaning in things; When you feel, you feel to the depths of your soul.

The Lord of Luck, Jupiter is in Gemini(communication)/Tenth House(career,public standing). This placement gives souls a keen sense of humor and are a witty conversationalist. They try to be the eternal optimist, and try to lend a helping held to others in need. Bernie has a high regard for education and travel as keys to building your minds and is well versed on the latest technological developments in the business world. He also has a skillful command of language and are an effective speaker. This placement of Jupiter indicates that he will have more than his share of just plain good luck, be highly ambitious and have the self-discipline required to achieve success in his chosen career. He will seek the honor and respect of his peers and community, and he feels a strong sense of responsibility toward society as a whole.

There has been a lot of controversy ,back and forth between both parties on Bernie Sanders. The Conservative think hes nuts and many hate him for being of Jewish decent since that party owns the KKK and white nationalism. The Democratic party hates is guts too because its all about lobbyists and money. However, I think his heart is in the right place and is just trying to bring Americans into the 21st century with health care. It does make me wonder how corrupt our own government is. Why is it so damn hard for this nation to not give its citizens health care. Please don't give me that crap about socialized medicine. Canada, France,Norway and many other nations have this for their citizens. These countries are not communist states but free sovereign nations of democracy. And some of you really need to pick up a dictionary and look up some of these meanings that Republicans and Democrats throw around like communism,socialism and fascism. Most of you have been indoctrinated to have disdain for the very thing that is a human right.

In the end I feel Bernie has his heart in the right place but the corruption from the establishment will not allow him to be president. Biden will not be able to beat Trump but Bernie would clean the floor with Trump because education and true facts will be thrown at him and this would create a temper tantrum by the toddler in the white house. Trump once again gets lucky as he probably wont have to face Bernie. Trump fears Bernie, not because of Bernie himself but the movement that stands behind him. In the end, people will see the voter suppression, corruption and lies. Bernie just may be the man who crushes the DNC and I'm all for it. Dramatic changes are coming in politics. Get ready.

I really don't enjoy doing these and I'm sure I will lose followers but I dont give a rats ass because the stars never lie and I can always judge someones character by their celestial blue print.


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