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The Stars of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was born in the sign of Gemini. He has a 1st house stellium in Gemini with Mars(desire principle), Sun(outward appearance) , Venus(love&money), and Mercury(communication) all residing there. What concerns me the most right now is that his natal Dragon is stationed in 2nd house of wealth and possessions in Cancer and the natal tail stationed in his 8th house of death,drama, and rebirth in Capricorn. The Dragon energy is hunting for him and he will need many ,many prayers. As of April 8/9/10 he is operating on very unlucky and negative days. The days ahead are even more disturbing with more negative days to come on April 12/13/14 that will be effecting both his natal and hidden Dragon energy fields.

He has a Saturn(disease) in Pisces, stationed in the 10th house of career,public standing and accomplishments. He suffers from irrational thought, depression,guilt and a fear or love of water. He must look at things in a more rational approach or face the illusions and deceptions of Pisces.

However, my main concern right now are those Dragon energies, and the negative Capricorn tail sitting in his house of death. What ever your politics, this is a human being who is a father to be, a husband to be, a servant to the British people and the monarchy. We all need to send prayers, positive reinforcements, healing energy and hope and pray he survives. We as humans have the power to change the course of the stars for the human psyche and will of man is far more powerful then any ones stars. Think good thoughts as this is one I want to be wrong about.

Stay safe,stay healthy and blessings to all.

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