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The stars of Brett Kavanaugh

Born Feb.12, 1965 in Washington D.C. His fate like Alex Jones is very karmic.Remember, the Universal Energy is hunting for Leo and Aquarius and right on himself,his souls purpose. The question is, is he guilty of the things he is being accused of or is it just a political circus? Lets take a look at his chart.

Let's start with the 1st house,the souls purpose. He has a stellium ( 3 or more planets in one house) in Aquarius with the Sun, Mercury and Venus. The negative here is that Venus is in detriment so we have someone who was very promiscuous and liked to experiment sexually.

His moon is in Cancer making him fairly emotional, especially since its in the 6th house of service to the world (judge) and health. His Jupiter in Taurus (4th house) and this placement makes him lucky in the affairs of money but it also makes him prone to gambling problems too.Maybe not now, but in the past.

Moving on to his 8th house (sex,drama and legacy) stellium of Mars(desire and aggression,Pluto (sex,death,drama) and Uranus (sudden release of energy). This is not the best placement and it does raise some concerns astrologically speaking. He is a Plutonic soul by nature and that is what his entire stars are controlled by.

Take a look at where his Dragon head in Gemini/tail in Sagittarius( N.and S.nodes of Moon) is located. He has found true love with his wife as the 5th house (love,romance and children) will always bless you with true love and being a great parent. This 5th and 11th house placement most of the time means your wishes will come true depending on past karmic issues. However, the tail (your karmic residue) or past life is negative in 11th house and his choice of friends may have a negative impact on his choices in life.

When someone has a S.Node in Sagittarius the young soul usually believes they are above the law. Their philosophy is the one and only true method. They are religiously poisoned and will not investigate the written word or challenge it in any way. They become robots to their own stars and feel totally comfortable not progressing forward and searching out other paths,view points or philosophies.

So, the question still remains, would Kavanaugh make a good SCOTUS and is his testimony true and honest? The answer is NO. He has made many mistakes in his youth,some of them criminal. Now, we all make mistakes and should be given forgiveness but most of us aren't up for Supreme Court nominations.He is guilty as sin of the accusations from Dr. Ford and no amount of denial will change this. SCOTUS is for life, not a 4 year term.

The next Dragon energy coming moves Nov.7, 2018 into Cancer/Capricorn energy.Capricorn rules conservatism and politics and in its negative state, this viewpoint is going to die some what. Women will bring this planet to salvation, not men.This is written in the stars. You will either progress forward with new age beliefs and create universal love and kindness or remain a cosmically unconscious person full of hatred and bigotry. I choose love!

Understand that I'm simply reading the stars and coming from a spiritual perspective and not political. Sometimes its hard to hear the truth and I'm sure after I post this I will probably get un-followed and I will anger people. Know that I'm an advanced soul and my teachers have always taught me that "knowledge is power" fear and ignorance are the true evil. Remain fearful and you remain controlled. Think for yourself and know that standing alone for what is right is always better then standing with the masses of sheeple.

Light and love to all.

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