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The Stars of Donald Trump

President Trump was born on June 14,1946 in Queens, New York. He has a stellium in both the 1st house and 2nd house.

Trump has the Sun in Gemini (dual personality).Geminis are very unpredictable and constantly changing. The sign is ruled by Mercury, and the metal of the same name is also known as Quicksilver. If you've ever tried to grab a ball of liquid Mercury, you can understand how elusive Geminis are. The Gemini personality is ever-changing, and it may seem as though there are at least two people inhabiting his or her body. Geminis seem to buzz with energy and are constantly on the move, usually handling several different projects at once. They need variety and change in their life, and they should never choose an occupation which involves redundant or repetitive work. Natives of this sign love to communicate and probably talk a lot. This house placement indicates a very forceful personality with power and control issues. POTUS must learn to cultivate a spirit of compromise in order to get his point across.

Uranus is in Gemini on Trumps 1st house and in a critical degree making him sporadic and unbalanced.These souls have a highly active mind and are innovative thinkers. With their talent for grasping the most abstract concepts, they learn new ideas quickly and easily and would be a good writer(Twitter). His mental energies can become scattered, and he will be most productive if he can focus on one project at a time. Make time to relax and sooth your nervous disposition to avoid physical illness. With Uranus in the 1st,these souls will be very independent and unconventional, and must be allowed a great deal of personal freedom. His creative and innovative mind will find new and unusual ways of expressing old ideas (conservative). There is usually something unique about their personal appearance which sets them apart from others. Trump must learn to be more patient and to trust is intuition more.

His Mercury is in Cancer making him blessed in real estate. He also has a appreciation for his home life and family, and especially for his own children. It is difficult for him to separate his thoughts from his emotions, and this is one of the challenges he will face in life as we have all seen. These souls spend a great deal of time thinking and talking about themselves. He is a very self absorbed individual who will allow himself to get caught up in depression and despair. In crisis or negative situations he will no be able to take appropriate action to solve problems.(Coronavirus)

His Venus is in Cancer making him love luxury and living in a Cancer nation (USA), he has made his money in this country.His home is very important to him, and he will want his living environment to be peaceful and comfortable. From an early age, he has been close to his family, especially his Mother. He learned the value of money early in life and has a natural talent for finance. When he spends money, he will look for quality over quantity. Many of his purchases will prove themselves valuable in time, such as works of art.

His Saturn is in Cancer too. He is motivated and hardworking because he has a deep seeded fear of not having enough money. In financial matters he is thrifty, cautious, and in the extreme, can become miserly and greedy. He worries so much about his money he cant enjoy himself. This also makes him have a subconscious fear of insecurity within the realm of home,family and security.He fears he will lose it all......and he just might with such a negative Dragons tail.

His Mars is in Leo making him highly creative,full of enthusiasm, and artistically talented. He must have dedication and ambition in order to put these gifts to good use. And, unlike some other Mars placements, he will not be modest or shy about it. He is impulsive and passionate about most everything in life, no matter what age. The only danger of this Mars placement is that pride may make him stubborn and quarrelsome. He must learn to not let his pride get him into difficult situations. He must learn to know when to say he's not physically or mentally up to an impossible challenge. Otherwise, he could strain his body, his heart and the well being of a nation.

His Dragons head is in Gemini,1st house. I call him The Silver Tongued Devil"and the ultimate sales men, wheeler and dealer, and a liar many times over.He has a very hard time focusing on any one question(ADHD) before going off on some crazy rant or to an entirely different subject.He says one thing, then another, does something else.If you believe him, be prepared to be deceived eventually. He has spent many lifetimes seeking knowledge and freedom, and has developed definite philosophies about life. He lived these lifetimes seeking personal liberty, with little interest or involvement in the society around him. During this lifetime he will need to learn to recognize the benefits of interaction with others, and with a broader understanding of the universe, it is time for him to learn to communicate his beliefs and bring them into concrete form.

Now take a closer look at where that Dragons Tail is located on his chart. The 7th house in Sagittarius relates to foreigners,and foreign lands and in his subconscious mind he has a negative obsession with foreigners,immigrants and people of ethnic origins.This also comes from his Moon in Sagittarius placement which is right on his tail(doubly negative). And guess which Dragon we have moving on May 5th ,2020. A Gemini/Sagittarius axis making June and Dec.2020 high and low points in this personal and political career. The 7th house rules partnerships,contracts, and marriage.The possibility of divorce in the next two years is possible. This placement isn't good at all for relations with foreigners, other countries and will bring conflict with some of Americas trusted alias. His troubled tail will unfortunately have impact on the USA and his lack of tact will get us into wars we don't need to be involved in and could of been prevented with a little discipline and grace instead of being boastful and braggadocious. His Dragon is a serious danger to USA and very unlucky with foreigners, religion, and dealing with conflicts in a diplomatic manner. This placement worries me the most because in a few weeks we move into this energy and I do not feel he has a handle on this pandemic or even a clue on how to deal with it.THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL. May Great spirit protect and be with all of us because disease knows no color,race or political party. We are in this together as one race THE HUMAN RACE. May God have mercy on us.

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