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The Stars of Ghislaine Maxwell

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Born Dec.26, 1961 in the Sun sign of Capricorn (wealth and karma) and she has a stellium (three or more planets in one house) in her 2nd house of Capricorn which rules possessions, wealth,and money. The Sun, Mars (in critical degrees), Saturn, and Mercury all reside within her 2nd making the energies there very strong. Her circle of friends were wealthy, the famous, elites, and she definitely had powerful connections, and knew people with lots of wealth and power.

Lets look deeper into her second house.We start with Mars in Capricorn which is in critical degrees. Normally, a Mars in Capricorn is considered a very good placement, as Capricorn can discipline the aggressive planet. Souls with this placement will always look for a position of power and status. Her misuse of power is shown by how she groomed and loured 13 and 14 year old girls as basically, Epstein's sex slaves. This 2nd house placement also makes her protective of the possessions she has acquired, and will vigorously fight anyone who tries to gain control of her resources or take them away from her. She is the type of person who knows what she wants and wont stop till she gets it. She is a compulsive shopper, and lived a very lavish, and privileged life style. This placement is also where she will have losses of many things and people in her life.

Saturn in her 2nd house of Capricorn creates a soul who is always obsessed with money, and is highly ambitious, well-organized, and is willing to work hard to achieve their goals. However, this placement creates a soul who is a miser with the money, a terrible tipper, and the richer she was, the greedier she became.

Her natal Dragon is in Leo/ Aquarius axis on the 9th and 3rd houses, and she was born with the Nodes in retrograde. Meaning, the energies are inverted instead of moving outward and creating a soul who is very stuck on their past life actions, and deeds.

The negative aspects of South Node (Dragon tail) in Aquarius is where the soul hasn't learned their past life lessons. She is focused on her wants,needs,dreams,success, and abundance. She will walk over anyone who gets in her way of these thing. Her circles include strange and bizarre friends and even the wrong friends, like Jeffery Epstein. She also has a hidden Dragon energy in a Gemini/Sagittarius axis,right on her 1st house of "souls purpose", and this is exactly where she becomes the weirdo, pedophile, liaison to her circle of perverts and criminals. Her Jupiter in Aquarius,sitting right on her dragons tail has made her lucky with getting away with her dirty deeds.This also shows a person who has issues mentally, and lets face it, you would have to be sick in the head and have no moral ethics

Her Dragons head in Leo (spot light,fame, center stage) in the ninth house of foreigners,foreign lands, and throw in the Moon in Leo ,right on the Dragons Head creates a lady with many rich,wealthy,foreign contacts, and high profile people who do not want to be exposed. She knows how to use her charm and wit to her advantage. She is a leader, and was fully in charge of operations under Epstein.

Her Pluto (death,drama,sex) in Virgo, on the 10th house makes her highly ambitious in career, and may rise to a position of leadership, and power. She feels that rules do not apply to her. The challenge for her in this life was to use her powers over others to benefit and help people but instead she used her powers to abuse, and achieve personal ,financial gains in the process of exploiting teenage girls.

In the end, Saturn has moved back into Capricorn as of July 1,2020. This is right on her 2nd house of wealth, and stays there until 12/17/20. This is Saturn's 2nd tour of Capricorn, and this time the Planet of Karma comes back around to finish the job of what it missed the first time. Epstein died when Capricorn was in Saturn,and he was a Jan. born Capricorn/Aquarius. Capricorns and Pisces are the most karmic signs in the zodiac., Saturn will repay his children with karma, both good and bad as these two signs will never get away with murder or any other crime for that matter.

Lets hope she is kept alive long enough for those girls to have justice served, and to expose the elitists, and high profile people who have been directly involved with this abuse for years.

This could be the beginning of a major investigation as evidence unfolds and seems to correlate with the next Dragon energy set in place for 2022/The Negative Scorpio energy will expose it all.

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