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The Stars of Joe Biden

Joe Biden was born on Nov.20,1942. He is a Scorpio with a stellium in Scorpio, having Mars(sexual energy), Venus(love), Mercury(thought process), and the Sun(outward appearance) all placed within the 1st house of self and souls purpose.

"Scorpio is the most intensely emotional of all signs, but we rarely see any outward evidence of the smoldering volcano within them. They are masters at self-control and can usually maintain a cool exterior; but when the volcano finally blows its top, the explosion is quite violent. Scorpios are well known for carrying grudges for generations and for planning revenge for wrongs done against them by others. Yet they are also famous for their psychic abilities and healing talents. They also have a reputation for being possessive, jealous and suspicious in their relationships."

With Mars in Scorpio, he is very perceptive and has the ability to see through people's false fronts. He has a magnetic personality, and is usually controlled in most. However, thru the years we have noticed his highly developed sexual nature but yet his so calmed exterior and carefree attitude. Most can not handle his intense energy and emotions. The days of men putting their hands on women anytime they damn well feel like are in the dying phase. What may have been appropriate by 1950 standards are being fought with the "me too" movement ands women empowering women.

His Venus is in Scorpio, and Biden faces challenges on how to handle the appropriate use of power in love. It is usually an easy matter for him to manipulate and maneuver their partners. Many fall prey to this temptation but the controlling energies he use on others will only be used on him later in the realm of karma.

His Moon is in Taurus,exalted. The Moon is all about emotions and Taurus is all about comfort, luxury, bodily pleasure, gourmet foods, fancy cheeses, fine wines, pleasurable sex, and other sensory delights. With Moon in Taurus he will be somewhat stable emotionally, and will usually will not fall apart in times of emergency. He has a highly developed common sense and exercises good judgment in most situations. He does have good control of his material resources, understanding the need to prepare for the inevitable rainy day.

The Moon in the seventh house is all about contracts,marriages,partnerships both in business and domestic. Taurus rules money and he has been blessed though the years with financial support thru donations,lobbyists and other means of investments.

His Dragon head is in Virgo,11th house and Pisces,5th house. Today, March 10 he is operating on one of his positive dragon windows in the 11th house of wishes and friends(Super Tuesday).His friends are in high places making sure he gets in.Our government wants to keep things in the status quo. His tail is in 5th house of love,romance and children. This can indicate the lose of a child or lover. Biden has lost both a child and his 1st wife many years ago.

His Jupiter in in Cancer and is lucky in the U.S.A as America is a Cancer nation. This Jupiter is cruising his 9th house of laws,(senate) religion or codification of thought (devote catholic), foreigners and foreign lands. He does care deeply for others but is to caught up with his own indoctrinations and old school beliefs to ever see a more progress point of view.

The Universal Dragon energy has been effecting Bidens 3rd house of mental process, and not being able to assimilate information as quickly. He has been blessed with a Cancer Dragon cruising his 9th house of laws, religious pursuits, courts and foreigners. The energy shifts on May 5,2020 and well before election day.This energy will be effecting Bidens 2nd house of wealth,possessions and self esteem. He will be blessed with a Dragon head moving into his 8th house of life,death,rebirth and transformation. Many changes are coming for Biden. And I looked on election day to see who was riding their lucky days. Please keep in mind that on Election Day 2020 we are in a Mercury Rx and there will be confusion and chaos. Donald Trump has one of his lucky days on election day but will Mercury Rx anything can happen. Do I think Biden can beat Trump...NO!. That is just my astrological opinion.

Please remember in the end both parties are a two headed on party system. The USA has to still hit rock bottom before it sees the light. The next Universal energy in Gemini/Sagittarius will be effecting Americas 6th house of health and service to the world. Right now, Italy has this energy sitting on them in the realm of Astro geography. Look at whats happening to them. The leader we elect always effects us as a nation, and as people for we take on that presidents own karmic reside.

And I know I spelled his name wrong on the chart. I did not feel the need to go thru all the trouble of changing it, plus I love to drive those critical Virgos crazy with perfectionism.

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