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The Stars of Kanye West

Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta Georgia. He is born in the Sun sign of Gemini, with his Moon (emotions) in Pisces (delusions), and his rising in Cancer (security). He is born with a natal Dragons Head (North Node) in Libra (5th house) and a natal tail in Aries (11th house). This souls is born with his Sun (outer appearance), Moon (emotional state), Uranus ( Shocking behavior), and Black Moon Lilith (shadow self) all in critical degrees. This makes for more challenges in ones own life. Time and time again this soul makes headlines with ignorant remarks. However, if we dive into the divine method of Astrology and use Astropsychology we will find a very disturbed individual who needs help.

Now before I go on, I know many people in my own circles who suffer from bi-polar disorder, and manic depression and even when they are off their meds, they do not spew anti -sematic, racist remarks. Mental illness isn't an excuse to be an asshole or a bigot.

Kanye has his moon on Pisces, 10th house (career, public standing). A Moon in Pisces is one of the most difficult placement in the zodiac, especially for a man to deal with. Pisces Moons can be very ungrounding, and in Kanye's case, his moon is karmic, and is indicating a constant search for a spiritual identity. This Moon placement is susceptible to drugs, alcohol, and chemicals, and should keep things as natural and holistic as possible for over dose is possible. And this means both legal and illegal and he most certainly is on drug, both legally and illegal. He is a very lost man, he just tries to put on a good show.

His Pisces Moon also indicates a strong attraction for religion and religious values, and in his case, an extreme case of the fanatical behavior. If this soul wasn't so religiously poisoned, he would be able too use his strong, intuitive and psychic qualities for the betterment of himself, and others. He is an extremely sensitive soul and acts on impulse without any forethought. He is a poisoned soul, mentally, and spiritually. A true Christian would "Love thy neighbor" and not want to go def-con 3 on the beautiful children of Abraham.

We must look at his childhood first. He was strongly influenced by his mother with very little male energy to have any influence on him. She (Donda) had gone to great lengths to shape the person he is as an adult, especially during his childhood and the tragic way in which he lost her is bound to have had some impact on him psychologically.

Lets first take a look at where his Dragon head and tail are stationed. Kanye is born with a Natal Dragon Head in Libra in the 5th house (love, romance, children and joy). The head being in the house of love and children indicates a soul that does deeply love their children, and wants the best for them, and can be lucky in love. However, Pluto resides in his 5th house, and that always indicated drama, transformations, and deaths to his relationships. I even see him being jealous of his own children and even his ex wife Kim.

The tail resides in his 11th house ( friends and wishes). He clearly has friendships with people that were his enemies in a past life and don't serve him well in this life either. A Dragons tail (South Node) is the souls karmic residue and their past life accomplishments. Kanye is a young soul who hasn't lived very many lifetimes and with his tail in Aries, this does indicate a soul whos very last past life was full of warfare, trauma. head injuries, and violence. He was not a man of color in a past life but a soul who resided in Germany, Denmark or the Scandinavian countries. He was prominent, and a great warrior of his past life. He needs to let go of his war like nature, and ride his dragons head to true success and enlightenment in beautiful, Libra creating a more disciplined, peaceful, balanced, spiritual, and gentle soul.

Moving on to his 1st house (souls purpose) with a Sun, Jupiter (luck), and Black Moon Lilith in Gemini. The Sun and Jupiter in Gemini give him a dual personality where it is hard for him to decipher between reality and fiction but does bring him luck as an artist, writer, and performer. He does suffer from A.D.H.D and possible bi polar disorder but I'm no doctor. However, I do know that he is on a ton of prescription, psychiatric medication which will hinder him in the long run. His Black Moon Lilith stationed in his 1st house and souls with this placement are prone to conflict, and always stick their foot in their mouths. Souls with this placement can be very offensive, and unintentionally say things that others misinterpret, or misunderstand. Kanye also enjoy playing the devil's advocate as it gives him a feeling of power he so desperately craves.

Lets look at the 12th house (the subconscious mind, hidden enemies, escapism) Kanye has a stellium in Taurus with Mars (desire principle), Venus and Mercury. He is extremely sensitive and has an active imagination He has very clear opinions as to what is true art, and is artistically inclined to be himself. His downfall is to overindulge in drink or drugs legal or illegal. Money and other material possessions are important to him, and he prefer to surround himself with the best quality he can find. One of the lessons of this placement is to realize that intangible things also have great value. Another lesson is to learn to share the great bounty that you acquire for yourself.

His Sun squares Moon and he may feel that he is required to make great concessions in order to achieve his goals in life but this can lead to bitterness, and resentment on his part. He must learn to keep a positive attitude both in his career, and personal life. Kanye is continually forced to prove his worth to employers, music industry and other people in positions of authority but its his mouth and erratic behavior that screws himself in the end.

Kanye hasn't been given the opportunity of spiritual knowledge, the forbidden knowledge of cosmic consciousness. His entire life has been filled with indoctrinations and religious poisoning and that has inflicted a subconscious fear in him. However, he is so filled with

narcissistic, egotistical energy that he wouldn't know Jesus, if Jesus came up and slapped him in the face... not that Jesus would do that. Its all hypothetical but he is lacking Christ Consciousness.

I hope Kanye gets the help he so desperately needs because his mouth is harming others. The Universal Dragon in Taurus/ Scorpio, and on Kanye's 12th and 6th house. His 6th house of health and employment is getting a very dramatic hit, and a wake up call is ahead for him. His active subconscious isn't helping matters. If this man doesn't get help, we could hear of a suicide, over dose, or even being institutionalized. We all joke but I'm afraid his behavior is a warning sign. There are other factors but I have unloaded enough for right now.

Knowledge is power!

Blessings - Astro - Strega

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