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The Stars of Marjorie Greene

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Marjorie was born on May 27,1974 in the Sun sign of Gemini. Geminis are very unpredictable and constantly changing. The sign is ruled by Mercury, and the metal of the same name is also known as Quicksilver. If you've ever tried to grab a ball of liquid Mercury, you can understand how elusive Geminis are. The Gemini personality is ever-changing, and it may seem as though there are at least two people inhabiting his or her body. Geminis seem to buzz with energy and are constantly on the move, they need variety and change in their life, and they should never choose an occupation which involves redundant or repetitive work.

She was born with her Sun in the 2nd house of wealth and money. Material security will be important to her. She does enjoy the finer things in life, and she may find difficulty parting with her treasured possessions. She may even be a collector of things such as coins, jewelry, art, etc. Her Mercury is placed in the 2nd house of Gemini, and Gemini always feels right at home in its governing sign. This placement tends to makes souls not be able to keep their mouths shut. She must learn in this lifetime to be careful not to speak too quickly or in anger without thinking her words over carefully. She can, and has done great damage with hurtful words while in support of Qanon, an angry, delusional, misinformed, and crazy cult like organization.

Lets not forget, she has that Dragon tail sitting in her 2nd house too. Souls with this placement can be deceitful with money, and their wealth; as her past life comes to the surface where she had to lie, cheat , and steal to survive. Not any easy past life for this soul. In this lifetime she will have to learn the value of uniting her resources and efforts with others instead of being divisive and dividing in order to achieve a common goal. She will have to learn that true value's in life are not material goods but taking stock in humanity as a whole, and finding true value in human beings from all walks of life. Enjoy and share her wealth and possessions but do not let it dominate you, Madame Greene.

Let us move on to her 3rd house of communication, and mental clarity. She has the malevolent planets Mars(abrasive), and Saturn(fears) both in moody, and emotional Cancer. Mars placed in the 3rd house will always make any soul very assertive intellectually. Marjorie enjoys debate and friendly arguments and she may have had many disagreements with her brothers and sisters, if she has any, especially when she was young. She must avoid impulsive thinking to achieve better judgment. Her mind is constantly racing, and this can make her nervous and high-strung. I would highly recommend meditation to help still her mind and allow her intuition to guide her. She is hard working, and very intuitive and can be highly sympathetic toward the needs of others behind closed doors but she can become very emotional when she is feeling insecure. However, you would never know this due to her calm exterior that adequately masks the extent of her emotions.

Saturn in Cancer, in the 3rd house can make some souls manipulative with their words. Since she is extremely afraid of being hurt by others, she may tend to withdraw from interaction with others when feeling depressed or backed into a corner. She has an incredible ability to retain knowledge, very practical, and has excellent organizing skills. She may have problems getting along with her brothers and sisters. This could also mean her congress sisters and brothers too.

Her Moon is in Leo, 4th house and in critical degrees, which means there will be more challenges emotionally. She will enjoy the social scene, she loves being the center of attention, as this is a great ego boost for her. Her home town is very important to her, and many with this Moon placement never leave the place of their roots. This placement also creates a soul who is highly idealistic and should exercise discrimination in choosing her friends and lovers. She loves children and may have issues cutting those apron strings when they grow up. Her children know they are loved and will return the affection with the utmost respect. She is strongly attached to her home and family, and probably has a close relationship with her mother. She must have harmony within her home life to ensure her own emotional security. Her lesson in this lifetime will be the need to control her wild mood swings when her home life has its own fluctuations. The Moon in this house can indicate great success in real estate dealings as well as the strong possibility of a sizable inheritance at some point in her life.

Her 6th house is the house of health and service to the world. She has Pluto(transformation, drama)and Uranus(shocking events) in Libra. Her generation has seen massive changes in laws regarding such things as marriage, birth control and sexual behavior. She will work hard to keep those old fashioned , family values in place. Marjorie can be cooperative, helpful, and have a strong desire to serve others. Her strong desire to achieve harmony and balance sometimes backfires since she doesn't think before she speaks. Pluto in the 6th house will always bring dramas and transformations.

A Uranus in Libra soul will be charming and cooperative; they seek peace and harmony in life. Unexpected changes in her relationships will present her with challenges designed to make her more accepting of others' differences, cultures, and lifestyles. Her challenge is to become more flexible and understand people come from all walks of life and all Americans are immigrants unless born Native American. With her Uranus is in the 6th house, she will be prone to restlessness and impatience's. She is a good worker and can create clever shortcuts, just be sure those shortcuts don't leave out important details. She will be happiest as her own boss or in a position where she can call all the shots, and isn't routine. I feel congress is gonna get pretty boring for her.

We move on over to her 8th house in Sagittarius where she has Neptune(illusions) and her Dragons head. The 8th house is all about life, death, rebirth, and transformation. It also represents joint finances, sexuality, inheritance, and legacy. Souls with Neptune in Sagittarius are usually strongly interested in spiritual and metaphysical matters. Marjorie will have a strong love for freedom and a restless optimism about the future. She does have abilities but needs to channel her psychic abilities into efforts designed to help uplift and heal humanity, which will be hard to do with someone so indoctrinated by conspiracies. She may also suffer financial loss if she attempt to deceive others, especially in congress.

She has Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th house of friends and wishes. Souls with this placement are usually highly intuitive, sympathetic and compassionate, and maybe she is with her own race but her indoctrinations digresses her full potential. With her increased sensitivity, her emotional reactions to stressful situations can be extreme. Jupiter in the 11th house also gives the soul an active social life and enjoy the company of a wide variety of faithful and influential friends. She is highly idealistic, and seek to bring about needed changes in society. She has a natural ability for organizing and carrying out group activities, and she would be a valued member of any group working for social reform.(Qanon) Unfortunately, Pisces rules religious deception, and with her Jupiter in this placement, she will attract those radical thinkers who are on the wrong side of history.

Her 12th house is the deep subconscious mind, and she has Venus in Aries in critical degrees. This means that she approaches love in a naïve and impulsive manner. Since she is impulsive with her relationships, she can be inconsiderate of her feelings towards others and come off as an intense, direct, and impulsive soul. She will seek immediate gratification of her own needs, not giving a damn about others. It would be best if she chose a partner who is more cautious then she is, and to let them set the pace of the relationship. This placement makes the soul "in love with love" and has been frequently disappointed when her torrid romances don't last. Instead of jumping into relationships head first, she should learn to be patient and really get to know her partner before giving her heart away.

She is or has been hard to "tie down" in the past and rather childishly enthusiastic about life. Her downfall is the non ability to ground herself. She will need to recharge her batteries or face burn out, and she should be carful not to overindulge in drinks or drugs.

This is a brief analysis of Marjorie Greens stars. Whether you agree or disagree please know that the stars never lie and Marjorie Greene may have her moment in the spotlight but she will never be a great congress woman due to her insane indoctrinations. As time marches on and the NEW AGE OF AQAURIUS progresses forward, people like Marjorie and her thought process will slowly die out or crawl back into the sewer along with Qanon, Proud Boys, or and White Nationalist she loves so much. However, they may even create their own political party and rip the GOP in half. We are in Saturn (politics) in Aquarius (revolutionary changes).

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