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The Stars of Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York. His Sun sign is in Taurus, his 1st house, of the Souls Purpose, and his Venus is dignified there too. Natives of the sign Taurus are well known for their stubbornness. Like their symbol, the Bull, they are slow to anger but can be quite violent when aroused. Then after they've kicked up their heels and charged at you a few times, they go back to grazing peacefully in the pasture. Taurus jealously guards his or her tranquil environment and will not tolerate any interference.

Since it is an earth sign, Taurus natives usually have their feet planted firmly on terra firma. They are practical and stable people, but they will not hesitate to spend money extravagantly on the finer things in life and will insist on the best of everything. They appreciate art objects, good music, fine wines, and beautiful surroundings and are willing to pay for them. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, it is also a sign of love. Taureans are romantic, affectionate, and sensuous, and they are fiercely protective of their mates.

It is not easy for Taureans to undergo radical change in their lives because they usually resist. But once they decide to change directions, they adapt very well to their newfound goal and can apply themselves effectively. One of the major lessons that Taureans must learn is to cooperate with the changes taking place in their lives rather than fighting them.

Many Taureans go on to succeed in life, partly because this is the only way they can live the lifestyle they prefer. They are not likely to be impulsive gamblers in life but instead plan their endeavors well. Most Taureans are social animals and get along well with most others. Why not? They are naturally graceful, charming, and interesting people.

Venus is in Taurus, 1st house (dignified)

With Venus in Taurus (the sign it rules), they are very affectionate and loyal to their friends and lovers. They enjoy the finer things in life, and they also enjoy showering their loved ones with gifts. Although some may consider you stubborn, you would prefer to call yourself "persistent."

With their natural charm and magnetic personality, they have a way of winning people over with their arguments. They are usually physically attractive and will maintain this quality well into their later years. Taurus has a deep appreciation for art and enjoys surrounding himself with beautiful objects.

They have very clear opinions as to what is a true art and are probably artistically inclined too. They also enjoy getting out into nature to relax and bask in Mother Natures' natural beauty. Since they do prefer to have things their way, they tend to put forth the effort required to succeed. With Venus in Taurus, chances are their most treasured material possessions will be the product of their hard work. Their downfall is possessiveness, jealousy, and not thinking with their heads but their heart only.

2nd House of wealth, possessions, finance, and self-esteem in Gemini -

All Clear of Planets/ Natal Dragons Head is stationed here and this is the millionaire's placement in many ways.

These souls are natural-born mental genius, versatile, curious, and proficient writers. They usually have plenty of mental and physical energy, especially when searching for the truth. Most will possess a gift of youth, enjoy telling jokes, photography, and music, and possibly speak several languages.

North Node in the Second House

You have spent many lifetimes seeking knowledge and freedom, and have developed definite philosophies about life. You lived these lifetimes seeking personal liberty, with little interest or involvement in the society around you. During this lifetime you will learn to recognize the benefits of interaction with others. With your broader understanding of the universe, it is time for you to learn to communicate your beliefs and bring them into concrete form. Remember, you have to stop seeking something in order to find it.

3rd House of mental clarity, transportation, siblings, and communication is in Cancer.


4th House of security, home, family, and real estate is in Leo.


5th House of children, love, romance, joy, and creativity are in Virgo.


6th House of Health and service to the world is in Libra


However, on July 17, 2023, the Universal Dragon shifts into an Aries/Libra axis and sits on his 6th house for the next eighteen months. There will be issues with how he conducts business and added stress could signal health problems. Hopefully minor as he is generally a healthy person, physically.

7th house of marriage, contracts, sharing, and partnerships is in Scorpio with a stellium of four planets sitting on his 7th house.

Moon in Scorpio/critical degrees - The emotions are very intense, and are often fluctuating between extremes--love and hate, sadness and happiness, etc. It is difficult for these souls to understand their emotional makeup because of its depth and complexity. As a matter of fact, those friends, lovers, and family members who are closest to them probably know a Scorpio Moon better than they know themself.

They can be very possessive and jealous and can become very cruel and vindictive if they are hurt. They never forget a wrong that someone has done to them, and they will plot and plan for years or decades to get revenge and get even with someone. This behavior can stem from childhood memories and some will devote their entire lives to avenging the scars of their psyche from the many wounds they suffered during their early years.

They are intensely emotional, and project a perfectly cool exterior at all times. It is difficult, but never impossible, for these souls to undergo emotional growth with Moon in Scorpio. The strength of their emotions is too overwhelming even for themselves, at times, and they will try to bury the intensity they have within themselves. In astrology, I teach souls how to use this Scorpionic energy for the greater good so they can live a life of happiness and friendships. The negative is living a life in secrecy and mystery, which will only make it harder to establish meaningful relationships.

People with this Moon placement often achieve success in life, but often success brings more problems than failure. The issue of power over others (or others' power over you) is a strong one in your life, and it is probably rooted in your relationship with your mother. Although you may realize your dreams in this lifetime, you will also lose everything unless you learn the proper use of power. Do not use others to achieve your selfish ends. If you do, you will live to regret it.

Pluto - Your generation has witnessed the development of revolutionary healing techniques. Many of you have strong psychic abilities and strong desires to bring about major social transformation. Avoid using your hypnotic influence on people to manipulate and control them.

With Zuck's ability to see all sides of any issue, he could be a good mediator or diplomat. This placement forces the soul to undergo a great transformation in life through their close personal relationships. This placement does tend to attract intense and strong-willed partners, and some will encounter power struggles over who is going to be in control. As they mature they will develop the fine art of compromise.

Mars in Scorpio

With Mars in Scorpio, he is very perceptive and has the ability to see through people's false fronts. His personality is magnetic but very controlled. Once behind closed doors, anyone who becomes close to you must be prepared to handle your intense emotions. Although they are very good at hiding (and repressing) their emotions, you can be jealous, possessive, suspicious, and even vengeful.

He is very loyal and devoted to those he loves and requires the same devotion from them. With Mars in Scorpio, they want what you want now, not later, and they will stubbornly pursue their goals until they reach them, no matter how impossible they might seem to others. Once these souls learn to develop more self-discipline and focus their energy better, they will have greater success. Until then, they will be controlled by their desires instead of the other way around.

Mars in the 7th - His close personal relationships are a source of conflict in his life, and he tends to pick partners who bring out the most aggressive side of his nature. In order for his love life to be more peaceful and satisfying, he will need to cultivate the art of compromise. His downfall is to avoid a tendency to jump into altercations with others without first making a genuine effort to understand their point of view first.

Saturn in Scorpio

He is highly perceptive and has strong psychic abilities. Zuck will have a strong sense of character under his reserved exterior, and he is a mystery to most people because he is so secretive. He will love and hate with equal intensity. Karmically, Saturn in Scorpio indicates that these souls may have over-emphasized sex in a previous life and must learn sexual self-discipline in this lifetime. This can also indicate an issue with his own sexuality. or a lack of endowments.

Saturn in the Seventh House

They will find it difficult to express their feelings, even to their most intimate loved ones, although they have a strong need to relate to others. They are extremely cautious about marriage because they are looking for that perfect mate. They may even gain status and security through marriage. Usually, this indicates at least one difficult break-up of a relationship or marriage, and some may marry late in life or choose a partner much older.

There is also a hidden dragon's tail in Scorpio on the 7th house making things all the more intense and the ending and beginning are going to happen with business, contracts, and even marriage if it isn't stable.

8th House of life, death, rebirth, sexuality, and transformations is in Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius

These souls have a strong curiosity about foreign lands and cultures, and they would find travel to be very mind-expanding. They have a strong need to express themselves in their own unique way, and they are a revolutionary thinker who could inspire others to bring about needed changes. They approach life philosophically and with great optimism, and they are constantly seeking spiritual enlightenment and evolution.

Uranus in the Eighth House

Zuck has strong intuition and psychic abilities, and he is secretly fascinated by occult and metaphysical sciences. With his quick temper, he should not drive when upset because of the increased risk of accidents. In fact, this placement makes for terrible drivers in general and can signal a very strange, shocking, or bizarre way of dying. Can indicate unexpected inheritances or other windfalls.

Natal Dragons Tail in Sagittarius

The Dragon’s tail reflects past life incantations and the dangerous element of the soul’s past life residue. Sagittarius is represented by man, a bow, and an arrow, and depicts the “truth seeker” of the ancient Greek mythology, Jupiter (Lord of the Lords). It rules the 9th house of education, religions, foreign affairs, courts, and the law. Sagittarius rules the codification of thought (the law/the Bible). which may give the soul deep religious convictions and more religious by nature. This is also an individual who will think he/she is above the law, their ways, and their religion are the only right, true way. This tail is religiously poisoned, unyielding to new views or ideas, and won't change its mind or stance on things.

In Zuckerberg's past life, he manipulated and controlled others; in this lifetime he must learn to share his resources with others. These souls are usually happiest in an egalitarian relationship, where both partners equally contribute resources to the partnership. This placement also likes it when there is a joint income for he feels it is not right for him to do all the work His downfall is jealousy and greed and he must avoid a tendency to become possessive or jealous.

Normally, Sagittarius is the truth seeker of the Zodiac but when someone is riding the tail is quite the opposite. The soul would rather bury their faces in the sand than hear the undiluted truth. The saying "Ignorance is bliss" is the perfect way to describe Dragon Tail in Sagittarius.

On the medical aspect of Astrology, Zuckerberg could experience back problems, severe allergies

9th House of laws, education, court, foreign lands, and travel is in Capricorn (This is another millionaire placement)

Jupiter in Capricorn - In critical degrees

There will be more challenges here but this placement is practical, organized, and steadfast. They have the ability to attain wealth, success, and material gain because they have patience, work hard, and have the perseverance to never give up. It is important for them to have a good reputation in the community. These souls do have a tendency to be too serious and somber (even as a child). Remember to make time for recreation and relaxation.

Jupiter in the Ninth House signals a highly intuitive soul and is interested in religion, law, and philosophy. They will benefit from travel and dealings with foreigners and can guide and inspire others with a global perspective. Instead of being critical of foreign people and cultures, you are attracted to them. You will receive the greatest recognition for your accomplishments later in life.

Neptune in Capricorn - The millionaire placement - In critical degrees

This placement creates a highly ambitious soul and a good head for business. individuals. They usually have strong intuition and practical common sense, and seek to build a more perfect world for the future. However, with it being in critical degrees this will be quite the opposite, and will do things only to seek gain in their own little world

Neptune in the Ninth House in critical degrees

These souls are idealistic and highly intuitive. They are interested in philosophical, spiritual, and mystical studies. They usually have a strong sense of compassion and care for all living things but in critical degrees, they are the total opposite. They love to travel and are fascinated by foreign lands and cultures. Their downfall is a tendency to become fanatical about their beliefs, for this could impair their good judgment. Avoid a tendency to exaggerate.

10th House of career, public standing, achievements, goals, and how the world sees you in Aquarius.


However, Pluto has moved into Aquarius so these next four months will be a wake-up call for Zuckerberg in his 10th house of career. Death, drama, and transformation come to him and how the world views him.

11th house of Friends wishes, and social engagements are in Pisces.


The 12th house of the subconscious mind, hidden enemies, spirituality is in Aries

Mercury in Aries

Zuckerberg is an impulsive and spontaneous thinker, and he must learn to develop greater patience and self-control in order to use his quick mind to its fullest potential. There seems to be no limit to his bright ideas, but he is not strong on disciplined enough to follow through on many of them. He may start many projects but finish very few. He enjoys debate and argument and does have a sharp tongue that many don't see. One of his greatest challenges will be to develop greater concentration and self-control.

He has definite ideas about what he wants and doesn't want, and at times he will insist that it is his way or the highway. Like all good warriors (ruled by Aries), he will be alert and ready for battle should the need arise. However, he is always at a loss for diplomatic skills during times of peace. The more self-discipline Zuckerberg develops, the less conflict he will have in his life.

Mercury in the Twelfth House

This placement makes the soul extremely sensitive and has an active imagination. Yet he may feel shy about sharing his ideas with others because he fears others will not approve. With experience, he will learn to trust his highly-developed intuition. He enjoys spending time alone, away from others in order to ponder his own mind and daydream. His downfall is a tendency to worry excessively over his own problems or those of others.

This is a brief analysis of Mark Zuckerberg's stars and I will be doing Facebook, TIKTOK, and Mr. Chew as well in the coming week.


Astro -Strega

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