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The Stars of Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buddigieg was born on 1/19/82. He is a Capricorn and this sign does rule government and politics. Many Capricorns become great politicians and leaders but not all. Let's take a look at his chart below. Buttigieg has a natal Dragon's tail in the sign of Capricorn,right on his 1st house(souls purpose, karmic residue). The head is in Cancer, 7th house (marriage,contracts,partnerships).He is the darling of the Democratic party and their favored candidate.

The Universal Dragons energy has been in a Cancer/Capricorn axis since Nov.2018 - 5/5/2020. His natal dragons head in Cancer has blessed him these past 14 months with good luck,major political opportunities, and success in business dealings. However, as an Ancient Astrologer, I do pick my candidates thru Astrology and you never,ever want to elect a president with a Dragon's tail in Capricorn, right on a Capricorn.....OYE!

A perfect example of this is Sarah Palin.She has a Dragons tail in Capricorn and because McCann picked someone with stars not blessed to be an honest candidate ,and not blessed politically to succeed, he choose a poor running mate and the rest is history. I'm not saying Palin and Buttigieg are even remotely the same but they do share the same Dragons tail. People with a S.node in Capricorn who go into politics will risk the chance of being assassinated,seen as negative to the public eye. Since Capricorn rules corporations,government,politics,snobbery, the use and abuse manta, they will have no problem taking lobbyist money from big pharma,banking industry, and money in general even if it isn't for the greater good of the people. Its about power and control.

As I look at this souls stars, he maybe gay and support the LGBTQ community but there is a racist underneath the many layers of his personality. AND I DONT GIVE A DAMN WHAT POLITICAL PARTY HE IS WITH. He has a cold and calculated side to him, and has no problem using and abusing others to get where he wants to go. I say this due to his Moon in Scorpio also.

Scorpio Moons are intense and have probably seen dramatic things in there life time. Since his moon is in the 11th house of friends. He has probably lost some friend thru the years. On a more positive note with his Dragons head in Cancer he is kind,caring and loving towards his family,a good cook, and very gifted in real estate and keeping a beautiful home. As for POTUS, I wont be voting for him.

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