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Troublesome week ahead

The eclipse may have come and gone but its energy will remain for the next three months. We have a very violent,chaotic and argumentative week ahead. Neptune ( oil,religion) Mars (war, aggression) and Taurus (fiances and jealousy) are in control this week. Throw in a Mars/Uranus square and you have heated disputes, explosions,shocking,fights, political conflicts and more insane weather are all on the agenda this week. Even with Mars in retrograde its energy will be felt internally and even unseen which can be all the more deadly.

Lets not forget we are still in a Leo(fires,children/Aquarius(shocking,sudden) axis energy until early November. As you can all see from the California fires. Unfortunately, more lives will be lost before this monster is put out. I'm hoping with the Pisces water moon on Monday they get some much needed cooler ,damp weather. And a BIG thank you to all the firefighters, Red Cross and police that are on the job. Be safe and have a blessed week.

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