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Venus goes Retrograde

This weeks forecast we have the planet of love,beauty and art going retrograde on Oct. 5 - Nov. 16. The first part of this retro is in Scorpio (drama,sex,transformation) and the second part from Oct.31st - Nov.16th in Libra( the sign marriage,partnerships,balance &,harmony)and some of us dealing with the past brought back to life. This energy, when in Scorpio will bring social circles and relationships into the realm of manipulation, challenging events take place and things getting intense. Once it moves into Libra it will put pressure on your personal relationships the most and love and marriage isn't blessed under these stars.

The Do's and Dont's of Venus Retro are simple. The planet of love and beauty, Venus(rules the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry) and DO all the at home spa treatments (facials,pedicures,manicures,waxing,colors). DO NOT have any sort of facials, colors,cuts done is spa's or salons under these stars,you will be disappointed. DO buy second hand and vintage because Venus retro always blesses the 2nd hand stores. DO NOT get Botox,fillers, breast implants (all implants in general) and any type or cosmetic or plastic surgery under these stars. PEOPLE HAVE DIED NOT FOLLOWING THE UNIVERSAL LAWS OF BEAUTY. DO NOT start a relationship or get married at this time unless it's to remarry or reunite with an ex. Do focus on social relationships,especially the ones that need resolve. We don't like this part very much but putting closure to the past gives us the purpose to move forward.

This is the perfect time to sell some of your stuff.And shop for bargains in thrift shops and antique stores. Venus retro is perfect for girls night at home mani/pedi's, facials etc. buying used furniture or restored. Stay safe and have great week.

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