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Weekly Forecast: Jan.14-20,2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Things start off the week fairly quite. However, its business as usually in D.C and more behind the scene chaos as Pluto and Saturn slowly churn away behind the scenes.The next few days we will feel like spending a little on ourselves and the ones we love. A Taurus Moon(waxing) on Tuesday and Wednesday calls for a trip to the salon,facials, new clothing,makeup and plastic surgery,Botox, fillers and all things related to arts,beauty and even the financial sector as investments and security rule this moon too.

From Jan. 18 -23, 2019 we have days to be cautious. This Moonic energy is stronger then usual with the Universal Dragons N.Node in Cancer. Real Estate, U.S.A, family tragedies, high emotions, insane weather , natural disaster ,endings and beginnings and relocation are common under this energy. The positive side to these stars is its a great time for family get-to-together,visits with mom and enjoying delicious food and drink with the ones you love. Cancer loves food!

On Jan.20/21 @ 9:16 pm p.s.t we have a Full Moon in Leo, a Super moon and a Lunar eclipse beginning at 6:36 pm on the west coast and ending @ 11:48 pm. This eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic but only North and South America,Asia and Europe will see its full shadow side. This energy rules children,love and creativity. Positive changes and something fresh,new and exciting is coming our way. I will post a full forecast next week.

Have a great week. Blessing!

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