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Weekly Full Moon Forecast for June 16&17, 2019

We have a full moon in Sagittarius on Monday, June 17@ 4:31a.m EDT. The Sagittarius Full Moon is all about news from foreigners and foreign lands and the codification of thought. Sagittarius rules travel,foreigners,law,higher educations,justice and governed by Jupiter where its residing until Dec.2,2019. We will see dramatic changes in the world at large now with the possibility of violence,and social unrest. This is the perfect time to further ones own knowledge too. The downfall to this energy will be arrogance,over confident, and being down right obnoxious, and some of us could become a little accident prone or clumsy too.

On June 21 we welcome in the Summer Solstice and the wheel turns again. Summer Solstice is all about abundance, enjoyment,pleasure,passion and the longest day of the year, and the most fertile. The same day, Neptune will go retrograde for the next four months. This will be a time for soul searching within ourselves, and getting in tune with spirit and our high selves and consciousness. The next few weeks will be a time to bring closure to things and plan for the upcoming New moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2,2019.

Days of Caution: We move into a Uranic phase on June 19, 20,21 so be prepared for news such as UFO&E.T,paranormal,earth changes including large earthquakes,Volcanic eruptions,insane and bizarre weather.Aeronautics and electricity. The strange and bizarre always make headlines too. Do not buy any electronic equipment in this phase!

Magical Folks: Any magic done for traveling, higher education,legal issues,and learning the truth are favored in this Full moon phase.Healing spells for the lower back,liver, hips,thighs, and magick for your pets is favored under these stars as Sagittarius rules the animal kingdom.

Your two week Full Moon Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Trips may bring headaches and added stress. Difficulties with foreigners and issues abroad are common. Plan all trips in the waxing moon phase to avoid added problems.

Taurus: Issues arise in your business life and with contracts.Legacy's and death news are common now. Be strong!

Gemini: Drama and stress with partnerships and domestic relations. Your business needs attention. This energy will pass in time.Hang in there!

Cancer: Your health needs attention now.Added stress comes from work or home environment. Make the next few weeks all about you and your well being.

Leo: The world of love, romance and the children brings stress and worries.Children will be more demanding now but you got this Leo.

Virgo: Plans of moving residence are common. Immediate family will bring sad or stressful news soon. Be strong!

Libra: You will receive sad or depressing news via mail,phone or internet.Hang in there!

Scorpio: You will need to do a full restructure of yourself,and your financial situation.Added expenses are common now!

Sagittarius: This Full moon energy is right on you, and you must be careful. Do not take chances or gamble as luck isn't on your side right now. Wait until the next New Moon to move forward.Introspect is what is needed now.

Capricorn: A restructure of your subconscious is coming. Let go of past guilt and listen to your dreams more.Avoid any legal or illegal substances right now.

Aquarius: Friends will bring disappointments or sad news. Wishes aren't granted now. Wait a few weeks and things will get better.

Pisces: Your in the spotlight now so behave in the public eye. Career brings added stress and disappointments. Hang in there!

The next two weeks bring a somewhat negative tone. It's best to put things to rest, plan ahead, and prepare for the next moon cycle. Stay safe and have a wonderful week.


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