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What does the rest of 2020 hold?

This has been one wild year so far. I personally have felt like I've been on a roller coaster ride with life, and it's ups and downs. We started out the beginning of the year with a Capricorn Stellium with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and S. Node all residing in the karmic, political, and authoritative sign of Capricorn. Creating a pandemic, stock market crash, Kobe Bryant death, riots, protests, and lets not forget the conjunction back on Jan.12,2020 were Pluto had conjunct Saturn, and all hell felt like it was breaking loose, globally.

We begin the Fall Season with a Mars retrograde in its governing sign of Aries. Mars Rx only happens once every two years. This energy bring on our aggression's, control issues, and repressed anger coming to the surface. It will be a very frustrating time for many of us. This is where we must learn mindfulness, balance ,and harmony or become a victim to our own stars.

I have many concerns for the remainder of the year. October always brings a surprise in an election year, politically speaking. My concerns come after election day. Mercury will still be Rx, and I do not see them calling the election that evening. I would be very surprised if they did. There will be recounts, chaos, confusion, and even violence. I foresee them calling the winner around the Nov. 10 -13th. Immediately following this news, I do foresee a civil war to engulf the United States, and a major uprising happening. Things will only escalate once Saturn moves into Aquarius on December 17,2020. Radical changes will be ahead and the statues quo will have to go. The authoritarian energy of Capricorn is over, air energy moves in. This will bring New Age enlightenments, humanitarian issues, rebellion, freedom, and progressive outlooks will be ahead. This is the turning point for the "Age of Aquarius."

The month of December will not be very merry for most Americans. This will be POTUS worst month, and operating on his negative Dragon energy in Sagittarius. Throw in a few eclipses right on his Dragons head/tail and we have a tragedy getting ready to unfold with the women in is life. Nov. 30, 2020 we have a Lunar eclipse in Gemini, and on Dec.14,2020, a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. I know a divorce is in his future by the end of next year, unless he meets his own demise first. With the nature of the violence that will escalate in December, I am very worried. Something so tragic could happen that it effects the swearing in process, and this can pertain to Biden too. Lets hope I'm wrong and Melania just wants a divorce but we haven't seen all the ugly unfold yet.

I've never in all my life seen such a hateful, divided country but it was written in the stars. A Universal Dragons tail in Sagittarius (fire), will always bury the truth. Sagittarius is the sign of knowledge and truth but in its negative state, and sitting in the U.S.A 6th house of health, humanity has decided to believe conspiracy over science, fiction over fact. Many lives will be lost before the year is over due to Covid 19, violence, ignorance, stupidity and indoctrination of old beliefs that serve no place in an Aquarian world.

There is some positive to this insane year. We have a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which will occur on December 21st, 2020, at 0° Aquarius. What does this mean? This only occurs once every 20 years but this time it starts at 0° Aquarius. We have been in an Earthy energy the past 200 plus years. We now move from controlling, and authoritarian Capricorn/earth energy to an intellectual, air energy. This will be all about thinking outside the box, curiosity, intellectual endeavors, new ideas, and a revolution of brotherly love. Many other astrologers call this "The age of Renaissance." The future looks better but 2021 will still have its challenges and the Dragon will remain in a Gemini/Sagittarius axis until late November 2021.

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