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Inspired by vine-grown vanilla orchids, compelling and attractive. Cool vintage clothes stored in cozy cedar chests. 80s and 90s androgyny. Amber and rose quartz. An energizing walk on a balmy summer evening. The effortless femme fatale. Vanilla planifolia is the most commonly used species of vanilla, a vining orchid that is native to Mexico. The Aztecs revered the plant and referred to it as Tlīlxochitl, which meant “black flower.” Vanilla is full of paradoxes, embodying both sophisticated seduction and sweet innocence. It can be uplifting and energizing, improving mental ability and concentration, while also being peaceful and relaxing, enveloping us in the warm comfort of its loving, cozy magic. Note Profile: Top: amaretto, bergamot, powder Middle: amber, tonka bean, vanilla Base: benzoin, cedar, dark musk, oud

Black Vanilla by Flora Gothica

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