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The Angel oils are a perfect way to anoint candles, objects, and even yourself. Each Angel has their place.

Raphael - For healing the mind and body. Works great on spells for ailments of mental or physical distress.

Gabriel - This oil is perfect for inner guidance, psychic awareness, and self-awareness.

Uriel - This oil is used to motivate yourself with new health, exercise, and mental motivation. removes depression.

Auriel - The Beginnings. This oil is perfect for money spells, new businesses, new ideas, and fresh starts.

Michael - This is one of the BEST protection oils. Great for using spells to protect your loved ones and yourself.

All 5 Hierarchy Archangel Oils

$17.99 Regular Price
$10.79Sale Price
  • All oils are not to be ingested. They are for magikal purposes only, and these are just suggestions. if you do have health issues...go to a Dr. This my my disclamer.

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