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This is a combination of my three most popular services. Souls Reading/Lucky - Unlucky Days/ Astro-Tarot -12 Card spread reading.


Using Nostradamus 16th centrury Divine Method of Ancient Asttrology: In depth analysis of your unique celestial identity (reading w/ 2 hr. recorded mp3 all about you and an Angel card is pulled at the end so you can hear what the Angels have to say too. Learn your love compatabilities, strengths,weaknessess,past,present and future thru Astrology and Astropsychology. Master your true desteny and learn where your Dragons energy is.


Know your red and green light days with your 13th sign. Dragon days are very important for daily life as they ebb and flow with our birth biorythems. They can help or hinder you and even save your life. You recieve a 12 month forecast including a full report on your natal Dragons head/tail.


Astro - Tarot -12 card spread using the Major Arcana of the Nostradamus Deck. This is a very unique method of cartomancy. 

Twelve cards for twelve human experiences, per house. We travel through the twelve houses of your chart 1  -12. Each card representing an astrological event,triumph, love, challenges, etc. Very accurate and reading is for 1 year time period.



The Cosmic Cauldron VIP Package

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