Do you have a future Elon Musk, mini Mozart, Meryl Streep or Mario Andretti? A children's reading gives you insight to how these little souls vibrate and their psychology through the stars; Their likes, dislikes, and what they will excel in are all given to the little soul with a children's reading. Positive reinforcement is always given as this reading is to uplift and guild the child without any negativity.

1 hour  /   $65

Children's Readings



Get a better understanding of your self and others with the many readings offered

Compatibility Reading

1 hour  /   $100

     The love game isn't easy. Comparing two charts between lovers gives insight into compatibility, soul mate connections, or simply a summer romance. See if your relationships has what it takes to endure the good times and the bad times. Knowing where Venus (love), Mars (desire principle), the fifth house (love), the seventh house (partnerships), and the synastry of combining charts is a very effective way to see if this is Mr. or Mrs. right.


Full Life -  Soul Reading

2 hour  /   $100

     Your full life reading is your unique celestial identity (UCI). This is your personal analysis of your psyche. Combining Astrology with Psychology we can learn a great deal about ourselves: strengths, weaknesses, alignments we are more prone to develop such as, depression, allergies, arthritis, how we project ourselves to others, explanation of your Dragons (North & South Nodes of Moon), which modern Astrology does not focus on and is  precisely accurate for reading into your future, past, and present. Having knowledge of our true self is the ultimate power and ancient wisdom (forbidden knowledge).






If you're looking for anything along the lines of Healing, Protection, Hexing, Love, or Money then feel free to email Linda for a consultation at the bottom of the page.

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