The Ancient Zodiac


 Governed by Mars, the planet of war and action. Aries is the baby of the zodiac, and ruler of the 1st house. 


Aries is a masculine sign all about

                                           action,adventure, and impatience. The Aries energy is aggressive, competitive, headstrong, and full                                             of energy.A natural born warrior. The negative side is their aggressive side can quickly be turned                                  into destructive, selfish and impulsive behavior, leading the soul to learn by trial and error.

Color: Red            Animal: Ram               Mineral (Alchemy): Iron and Steel

Ruling Planet: Mars                                 Astro-Medi: Head, face and brain

Astro-geography: Germany, Scandinavian,Viking lands.

Energy Field: The "I am principle," me myself and I. Headstrong  motivation,and quick and speedy. The negative aspect is usually a inferiority complex, guided by a thirst to prove their point, even violently if needed.



 Taurus is Governed by Venus, goddess of love, and ruler of the 2nd house.

Taurus is a feminine sign and all about aesthetics, solidity, ,finances and money. Taurus is all about possessions and their downfall is stubbornness, they are a fixed sign.


 Animal: Bull       Planet: Venus      Color:Blue

 Mineral(Alchemy): Copper    Astro geography: Switzerland


Astro-Medi: rules throat,neck and the thyroids.

Energy Field: Money,art,aesthetics, and beauty.They are the possessive and use the word "mine" all the time.